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Anxiety Disorders Interview Schedule (ADIS V)



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Element NameData TypeSizeRequiredDescriptionValue RangeNotesAliases
subjectkeyGUIDRequiredThe NDAR Global Unique Identifier (GUID) for research subjectNDAR*
src_subject_idString20RequiredSubject ID how it's defined in lab/projectid
interview_ageIntegerRequiredAge in months at the time of the interview/test/sampling/imaging.0 :: 1260Age is rounded to chronological month. If the research participant is 15-days-old at time of interview, the appropriate value would be 0 months. If the participant is 16-days-old, the value would be 1 month.
interview_dateDateRequiredDate on which the interview/genetic test/sampling/imaging/biospecimen was completed. MM/DD/YYYYRequired fielddate
genderString20RequiredSex of the subjectM;FM = Male; F = Female
relationshipIntegerRecommendedRelationship of respondent to individual
1::88; 90;-999
1 = Biological mom; 2 = Biological dad; 3 = Grandparent; 4 = Special education (sped) teacher; 5 = General education teacher; 6 = Occupational therapist; 7 = Speech and language therapist; 8 = Behavioral therapist; 9 = Paraprofessional; 10 = Aide; 11 = Principal; 12 = Administrator; 13 = Other; 14 = Content teacher; 15 = Parent center director; 16 = Self; 17=Adoptive mother; 18=Adoptive father; 19=Foster mother; 20 = Foster father; 21=Grandmother; 22=Grandfather; 23=Step-mother; 24 = Step-father; 25=Aunt; 26=Uncle; 27=Missing Data; 28=Both parents;31= Grandmother from mother side; 32= Grandfather from mother side; 33= Grandmother from father side; 34= Grandfather from father side; 36= Brother; 37= Sister; 38= Cousin; 39= female caregiver; 40=male caregiver; 41=Female child; 42=Male child; 43=Spouse/Mate; 44=Friend; 45=Parent; 46=Significant other; 47=Sibling; 48=Son/Daughter; 49=Son-in-law/Daughter-in law; 50=Other Relative; 51=Paid caregiver; 52=Friends; 53=Roommate; 54=Supervisor; 55=mother's boyfriend; 56=other parental figure; 57=Summary; 58=counselor ; 59 = other female relative; 60 = other male relative; 61 = non-relative ; 62=Maternal Aunt; 63=Maternal Uncle; 64=Maternal Cousin; 65 = Paternal Aunt; 66=Paternal Uncle; 67=Paternal Cousin ; 68=Biological/Adoptive Mother and Grandmother; 69=Biological/Adoptive Mother and Stepmother and Grandmother; 70=Biological/Adoptive Mother and Grandmother and Foster Father; 71=Biological/Adoptive Mother and Stepmother and Foster Mother; 72=Biological/Adoptive Mother and Foster Mother; 73=Biological/Adoptive Mother and Biological/Adoptive Father; 74=Biological/Adoptive Mother and Stepmother and Biological/Adoptive Father; 75=Biological/Adoptive Mother and Other; 76=Biological/Adoptive Mother and Stepmother and Stepfather; 77=Biological/Adoptive Mother and Stepfather; 78=Biological/Adoptive Mother and Grandfather; 79=Biological/Adoptive Mother and Stepmother and Foster Father; 80=Biological/Adoptive Mother and Stepmother; 81=Guardian, female; 82=Other female; 83=Guardian, male; 84=Other male; 85=Other/Grandparent/Nanny; 86 = Mother, Father, Guardian; 87 = Daughter, son, grandchild; 88 = Professional (e.g., social worker, nurse, therapist, psychiatrist, or group home staff); 90=Other; -999=Missing
pd_pdxIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician diagnostic code for Panic Disorder0;10 = Does NOT meet DSM-IV criteria;1 = Meets full criteria for DSM-IVclpanicddx chpanicddx papanicddx
pd_irIntegerRecommendedPanic Disorder Interference Rating1::8chpanicdrating papanicdrating
pd_pcsrIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician Clinical Severity Rating for Panic Disorder0::80 = Not at all;1 = A little bit;4 = Some;6 = A lot;8 = Very, very muchclpanicdcsr chpanicdcsr papanicdcsr
pdago_pdxIntegerRecommendedPanic Disorder with Agoraphobia Diagnosis0;10=No; 1=Yeschpdagordx papdagordx
pdago_irIntegerRecommendedPanic Disorder with Agoraphobia Interference Rating1::8chpdagorrating papdagorrating
pdago_pcsrIntegerRecommendedPanic Disorder with Agoraphobia Clinical Severity Rating1::8chpdagorcsr papdagorcsr
agorpdxIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician diagnostic code for Agoraphobia0;10 = Does NOT meet DSM-IV criteria;1 = Meets full criteria for DSM-IVclagordx chagordx paagordx
agor_irIntegerRecommendedAgoraphobia Interference Rating1::8chagorrating paagorrating
agorpcsrIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician Clinical Severity Rating for Agoraphobia0::80 = Not at all;1 = A little bit;4 = Some;6 = A lot;8 = Very, very muchclagorcsr chagorcsr paagorcsr
sp_pdxIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician diagnostic code for Social Phobia0;10 = Does NOT meet DSM-IV criteria;1 = Meets full criteria for DSM-IVclsopdx chsopdx pasopdx
sp_irIntegerRecommendedSocial Phobia Interference Ratingchsoprating pasoprating
sp_pcsrIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician Clinical Severity Rating for Social Phobia0::80 = Not at all;1 = A little bit;4 = Some;6 = A lot;8 = Very, very muchclsopcsr chsopcsr pasopcsr
sad_pdxIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician diagnostic code for Separation Anxiety Disorder0;10 = Does NOT meet DSM-IV criteria;1 = Meets full criteria for DSM-IVclsepdx chsepanxdx pasepanxdx
sad_irIntegerRecommendedSeparation Anxiety Interference Rating1::8chsepanxrating pasepanxrating
sad_pcsrIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician Clinical Severity Rating for Separation Anxiety Disorder0::80 = Not at all;1 = A little bit;4 = Some;6 = A lot;8 = Very, very muchclsepcsr chsepanxcsr pasepanxcsr
sm_pdxIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician diagnostic code for Selective Mutism0;10 = Does NOT meet DSM-IV criteria;1 = Meets full criteria for DSM-IVchselecmutdx paselecmutdx
sm_irIntegerRecommendedSelective Mutism Interference Ratingchselecmutrating paselecmutrating
sm_pcsrIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician Clinical Severity Rating for Selective Mutism0::80 = Not at all;1 = A little bit;4 = Some;6 = A lot;8 = Very, very muchchselecmutcsr paselecmutcsr
gad_pdxIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician diagnostic code for Generalized Anxiety Disorder0;10 = Does NOT meet DSM-IV criteria;1 = Meets full criteria for DSM-IVclgaddx chgaddx pagaddx
gad_irIntegerRecommendedGAD Interference Ratingchgadrating pagadrating
gad_pcsrIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician Clinical Severity Rating for Generalized Anxiety Disorder0::80 = Not at all;1 = A little bit;4 = Some;6 = A lot;8 = Very, very muchclgadcsr chgadcsr pagadcsr
ocd_pdxIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician diagnostic code for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder0;10 = Does NOT meet DSM-IV criteria;1 = Meets full criteria for DSM-IVclocddx chocddx paocddx
ocd_irIntegerRecommendedOCD Interference Ratingchocdrating paocdrating
ocd_pcsrIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician Clinical Severity Rating for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder0::80 = Not at all;1 = A little bit;4 = Some;6 = A lot;8 = Very, very muchclocdcsr chocdcsr paocdcsr
bdd_pdxIntegerRecommendedBody Dysmorphic Disorder Diagnosis0::20=No; 1=Yes;2=Currentclbodydysdx
bdd_pcsrIntegerRecommendedBody Dysmorphic Disorder Clinical Severity Rating1::8clbodydyscsr
sph_pdx1IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Diagnosis 10;10=No; 1=Yesclspecphobia1dx chspecphobia1dx paspecphobia1dx
phobtype1String50RecommendedType of Specific Phobia 1clspecphobia1type chspecphobia1type paspecphobia1type
sph_ir1IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Interference Rating 11::8chspecphobia1rating paspecphobia1rating
sph_pcsr1IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Clinical Severity Rating 11::8clspecphobia1csr chspecphobia1csr paspecphobia1csr
sph_pdx2IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Diagnosis 20;10=No; 1=Yesclspecphobia2dx chspecphobia2dx paspecphobia2dx
phobtype2String50RecommendedType of Specific Phobia 2clspecphobia2type chspecphobia2type paspecphobia2type
sph_pcsr2IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Clinical Severity Rating 21::8clspecphobia2csr chspecphobia2csr paspecphobia2csr
sph_pdx3IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Diagnosis 30;10=No; 1=Yesclspecphobia3dx chspecphobia3dx paspecphobia3dx
phobtype3String50RecommendedType of Specific Phobia 3clspecphobia3type chspecphobia3type paspecphobia3type
sph_ir3IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Interference Rating 31::8chspecphobia3rating paspecphobia3rating
sph_pcsr3IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Clinical Severity Rating 31::8clspecphobia3csr chspecphobia3csr paspecphobia3csr
sph_pdx4IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Diagnosis 40;10=No; 1=Yesclspecphobia4dx chspecphobia4dx paspecphobia4dx
phobtype4String50RecommendedType of Specific Phobia 4clspecphobia4type chspecphobia4type paspecphobia4type
sph_ir4IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Interference Rating 41::8chspecphobia4rating paspecphobia4rating
sph_pcsrIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician Clinical Severity Rating for Specific Phobia0::80 = Not at all;1 = A little bit;4 = Some;6 = A lot;8 = Very, very muchclspecphobia4csr chspecphobia4csr paspecphobia4csr
sph_pdx5IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Diagnosis 50;10=No; 1=Yesclspecphobia5dx chspecphobia5dx paspecphobia5dx
phobtype5String50RecommendedType of Specific Phobia 5clspecphobia5type chspecphobia5type paspecphobia5type
sph_ir5IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Interference Rating 51::8chspecphobia5rating paspecphobia5rating
sph_pcsr5IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Clinical Severity Rating 51::8clspecphobia5csr chspecphobia5csr paspecphobia5csr
sph_pdx6IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Diagnosis 60;10=No; 1=Yesclspecphobia6dx chspecphobia6dx paspecphobia6dx
phobtype6String50RecommendedType of Specific Phobia 6clspecphobia6type chspecphobia6type paspecphobia6type
sph_ir6IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Interference Rating 61::8chspecphobia6rating paspecphobia6rating
sph_pcsr6IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Clinical Severity Rating 61::8clspecphobia6csr chspecphobia6csr paspecphobia6csr
sph_pdx7IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Diagnosis 70;10=No; 1=Yesclspecphobia7dx chspecphobia7dx paspecphobia7dx
phobtype7String50RecommendedType of Specific Phobia 7clspecphobia7type chspecphobia7type paspecphobia7type
sph_ir7IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Interference Rating 71::8chspecphobia7rating paspecphobia7rating
sph_pcsr7IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Clinical Severity Rating 71::8clspecphobia7csr chspecphobia7csr paspecphobia7csr
sph_pdx8IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Diagnosis 80;10=No; 1=Yeschspecphobia8dx
phobtype8String50RecommendedType of Specific Phobia 8chspecphobia8type
sph_ir8IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Interference Rating 81::8chspecphobia8rating
sph_pcsr8IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Clinical Severity Rating 81::8chspecphobia8csr
sph_pdx9IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Diagnosis 90;10=No; 1=Yeschspecphobia9dx
phobtype9String50RecommendedType of Specific Phobia 9chspecphobia9type
sph_ir9IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Interference Rating 91::8chspecphobia9rating
sph_pcsr9IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Clinical Severity Rating 91::8chspecphobia9csr
sph_pdx10IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Diagnosis 100;10=No; 1=Yeschspecphobia10dx
phobtype10String50RecommendedType of Specific Phobia 10chspecphobia10type
sph_ir10IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Interference Rating 101::8chspecphobia10rating
sph_pcsr10IntegerRecommendedSpecific Phobia Clinical Severity Rating 101::8chspecphobia10csr
ptsdpdxIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician diagnostic code for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder0;10 = Does NOT meet DSM-IV criteria;1 = Meets full criteria for DSM-IVclptsddx chptsddx paptsddx
ptsdirIntegerRecommendedPTSD Interference Rating1::8chptsdrating paptsdrating
ptsdpcsrIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician Clinical Severity Rating for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder0::80 = Not at all;1 = A little bit;4 = Some;6 = A lot;8 = Very, very muchclptsdcsr chptsdcsr paptsdcsr
asd_pdxIntegerRecommendedAcute Stress Disorder Diagnosis0;10=No; 1=Yesclacutesddx
asd_pcsrIntegerRecommendedAcute Stress Disorder Clinical Severity Rating1::8clacutesdcsr
mdd_pdxIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician diagnostic code for Major Depressive Disorder0;10 = Does NOT meet DSM-IV criteria;1 = Meets full criteria for DSM-IVclmdddx chmdddx pamdddx
mdd_irIntegerRecommendedMajor Depressive Disorder Interference Rating1::8chmddrating pamddrating
mdd_pcsrIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician Clinical Severity Rating for Major Depressive Disorder0::80 = Not at all;1 = A little bit;4 = Some;6 = A lot;8 = Very, very muchclmddcsr chmddcsr pamddcsr
dys_pdxIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician diagnostic code for Dysthymia0;10 = Does NOT meet DSM-IV criteria;1 = Meets full criteria for DSM-IVchdysthdx
dys_irIntegerRecommendedDysthymia Interference Ratingchdysthrating
dys_pcsrIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician Clinical Severity Rating for Dysthymia0::80 = Not at all;1 = A little bit;4 = Some;6 = A lot;8 = Very, very muchchdysthcsr
pdd_pdxIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician diagnostic code for Pervasive Developmental Disorder0;10 = Does NOT meet DSM-IV criteria;1 = Meets full criteria for DSM-IVclpersdepressddxpapersdepressddx
pdd_irIntegerRecommendedPersistent Depressive Disorder Interference Rating1::8papersdepressdrating
pdd_pcsrIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician Clinical Severity Rating for Pervasive Developmental Disorder0::80 = Not at all;1 = A little bit;4 = Some;6 = A lot;8 = Very, very muchclpersdepressdcsrpapersdepressdcsr
dmddd_pdxIntegerRecommendedDisruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder Diagnosis0;1; 999; 9980=No; 1=Yes; 999=missingpadmdddx
dmddd_irIntegerRecommendedDisruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder Interference Rating1::8padmddrating
dmdd_pcsrIntegerRecommendedDisruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder Severity Rating1::8padmddcsr
bip_pdxIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician diagnostic code for Bipolar Disorders0;10 = Does NOT meet DSM-IV criteria;1 = Meets full criteria for DSM-IVclbipolardx chbipolardx pabipolardx
bip_irIntegerRecommendedBipolar Disorder Interference Rating1::8chbipolarrating pabipolarrating
bip_pcsrIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician Clinical Severity Rating for Bipolar Disorders0::80 = Not at all;1 = A little bit;4 = Some;6 = A lot;8 = Very, very muchclbipolarcsr chbipolarcsr pabipolarcsr
adhdpdxIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician diagnostic code for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder0;10 = Does NOT meet DSM-IV criteria;1 = Meets full criteria for DSM-IVchadhddx paadhddx
adhdtypeIntegerRecommendedType of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder1::31 = ADHD Inattentive;2 = ADHD Hyperactive / Impulsive;3 = ADHD Combinedchadhdtype paadhdtype
adhdnos_pcsrIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician Clinical Severity Rating for ADHD NOS0::80 = Not at all;1 = A little bit;4 = Some;6 = A lot;8 = Very, very muchchadhdrating paadhdrating
adhdpcsrIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician Clinical Severity Rating for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder0::80 = Not at all;1 = A little bit;4 = Some;6 = A lot;8 = Very, very muchchadhdcsr paadhdcsr
cd_pdxIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician diagnostic code for Conduct Disorder0;10 = Does NOT meet DSM-IV criteria;1 = Meets full criteria for DSM-IVpacddx
cd_irIntegerRecommendedConduct Disorder Interference Rating1::8pacdrating
cd_pcsrIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician Clinical Severity Rating for Conduct Disorder0::80 = Not at all;1 = A little bit;4 = Some;6 = A lot;8 = Very, very muchpacdcsr
odd_pdxIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician diagnostic code for Oppositional Defiant Disorder0;10 = Does NOT meet DSM-IV criteria;1 = Meets full criteria for DSM-IVpaodddx
odd_irIntegerRecommendedODD Interference Rating1::8paoddrating
odd_pcsrIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician Clinical Severity Rating for Oppositional Defiant Disorder0::80 = Not at all;1 = A little bit;4 = Some;6 = A lot;8 = Very, very muchpaoddcsr
tic_pdxIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician diagnostic code for Tic Disorders0;10 = Does NOT meet DSM-IV criteria;1 = Meets full criteria for DSM-IVchticdx paticdx
tictypeIntegerRecommendedType of Tic Disorder1::41 = Vocal;2 = Motor;3= Tourette's;4 = Transientchtictype patictype
tic_irIntegerRecommendedTic Disorders Interference Ratingchticrating paticrating
tic_pcsrIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician Clinical Severity Rating for Tic Disorders0::80 = Not at all;1 = A little bit;4 = Some;6 = A lot;8 = Very, very muchchticcsr paticcsr
enurpdxIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician diagnostic code for Enuresis0;10 = Does NOT meet DSM-IV criteria;1 = Meets full criteria for DSM-IV
enurirIntegerRecommendedEnuresis Interference Rating
enurpcsrIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician Clinical Severity Rating for Enuresis0::80 = Not at all;1 = A little bit;4 = Some;6 = A lot;8 = Very, very much
medhx_encopresisIntegerRecommendedEncopresis0::20 = No, 1 = Yes, 2 = Not surepaencopresisdx
encopresis_irIntegerRecommendedEncopresis Interference Rating1::8paencopresisrating
encopresis_csrIntegerRecommendedEncopresis Severity Ratingpaencopresiscsr
cfmh_othr_pddnosIntegerRecommendedAutism Spectrum Disorder0::20 = No; 1 = Yes; 2 = Cannot be ruled outpaasddx
asd_irIntegerRecommendedAutism Spectrum Disorder Interference Ratingpaasdrating
asd_csrIntegerRecommendedAutism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Severity Ratingpaasdcsr
panremsleepdxIntegerRecommendedNon-Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Arousal Disorder - Diagnosis? PA0;10=No; 1=Yespanremsleepdx
panremsleeptypeIntegerRecommendedNon-Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Arousal Disorder type PA1;21=No Sleep; 2=Sleepwalkingpanremsleeptype
panremsleepratingIntegerRecommendedNon-Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Arousal Disorder - Parent Interference Rating1::8panremsleeprating
panremsleepcsrIntegerRecommendedNon-Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Arousal Disorder - CSR PA1::8panremsleepcsr
ctd_pdxIntegerRecommendedCyclothymia Disorder Diagnosis0;1;998;9990=no; 1=yes; 998=N/A; 999=Missingclcyclothymiadx
ctd_pcsrIntegerRecommendedCyclothymia Disorder Clinical Severity Rating1::8clcyclothymiacsr
illanx_pdxIntegerRecommendedIllness Anxiety Disorder Diagnosis0;10=No; 1=Yesclillnessaddx
illanx_pcsrIntegerRecommendedIllness Anxiety Disorder Clinical Severity Rating1::8clillnessadcsr
ssd_pdxIntegerRecommendedSomatic Symptom Disorder Diagnosis0;10=No; 1=Yesclsomaticsymdx
ssd_pcsrIntegerRecommendedSomatic Symptom Disorder Clinical Severity Rating1::8clsomaticsymcsr
aud_pdxIntegerRecommendedAlcohol Use Disorder Diagnosis0;1;998;9990=no; 1=yes; 998=N/A; 999=Missingclalcoholusedx
aud_pcsrIntegerRecommendedAlcohol Use Disorder Clinical Severity Rating1::8clalcoholusecsr
subus_pdxIntegerRecommendedSubstance Use Disorder Diagnosis0;10=No; 1=Yesclsubstanceusedxpasubabdx
subus_irIntegerRecommendedSubstance Use Disorder Interference Rating1::8pasubabrating
sub_pcsrIntegerRecommendedParent/Child/Clinician Clinical Severity Rating for Substance Abuse0::80 = Not at all;1 = A little bit;4 = Some;6 = A lot;8 = Very, very muchclsubstanceusecsrpasubabcsr
hoardingroIntegerRecommendedRuleout of Hoarding0;10=No; 1=Yesclhoardingro
habitsroIntegerRecommendedRuleout of Habit Disorders0;10=No; 1=Yesclhabitsro
eatingroIntegerRecommendedRuleout of Eating Disorders0;10=No; 1=Yescleatingro chedro paedro
adhdroIntegerRecommendedRuleout of ADHD0;10=No; 1=Yescladhdro
mutismroIntegerRecommendedRuleout of Selective Mutism0;10=No; 1=Yesclmutismro
dissociativeroIntegerRecommendedRuleout of Dissociative Disorder0;10=No; 1=Yescldissociativero
psychoticroIntegerRecommendedRuleout of Psychotic Symptoms0;10=No; 1=Yesclpsychoticro
harmothersroIntegerRecommendedRuleout of Thoughts about Harming Others0;10=No; 1=Yesclharmothersro
subabroIntegerRecommendedRuleout of substance abuse0;10=No; 1=Yeschsubabro
illnessroIntegerRecommendedRuleout of illness anxiety disorder0;10=No; 1=Yeschillnessro
somatroIntegerRecommendedRuleout of somatoform disorder0;10=No; 1=Yeschsomatro pasomatro
sizroIntegerRecommendedRuleout of schizophrenia0;10=No; 1=Yeschschizro paschizro
mentalrroIntegerRecommendedRuleout of mental retardation0;10=No; 1=Yespamrro
learndoroIntegerRecommendedRuleout of learning disorder0;10=No; 1=Yespaldro
pddroIntegerRecommendedRuleout of PDD0;10=No; 1=Yespapddro
comdx1String50RecommendedComposite ADIS Diagnosis 1
comdx1csrIntegerRecommendedComposite ADIS Diagnosis 1 CSR1::8
comdx2String50RecommendedComposite ADIS Diagnosis 2
comdx2csrIntegerRecommendedComposite ADIS Diagnosis 2 CSR1::8
comdx3String50RecommendedComposite ADIS Diagnosis 3
comdx3csrIntegerRecommendedComposite ADIS Diagnosis 3 CSR1::8
comdx4String50RecommendedComposite ADIS Diagnosis 4
comdx4csrIntegerRecommendedComposite ADIS Diagnosis 4 CSR1::8
comdx5String50RecommendedComposite ADIS Diagnosis 5
comdx5csrIntegerRecommendedComposite ADIS Diagnosis 5 CSR1::8
comdx6String50RecommendedComposite ADIS Diagnosis 6
comdx6csrIntegerRecommendedComposite ADIS Diagnosis 6 CSR1::8
comdx7String50RecommendedComposite ADIS Diagnosis 7
comdx7csrIntegerRecommendedComposite ADIS Diagnosis 7 CSR1::8
comdx8String50RecommendedComposite ADIS Diagnosis 8
comdx8csrIntegerRecommendedComposite ADIS Diagnosis 8 CSR1::8
comdx9String50RecommendedComposite ADIS Diagnosis 9
comdx9csrIntegerRecommendedComposite ADIS Diagnosis 9 CSR1::8
comdx10String50RecommendedComposite ADIS Diagnosis 10
comdx10csrIntegerRecommendedComposite ADIS Diagnosis 10 CSR1::8
comdx11String50RecommendedComposite ADIS Diagnosis 11
comdx11csrIntegerRecommendedComposite ADIS Diagnosis 11 CSR1::8
comdx12String50RecommendedComposite ADIS Diagnosis 12
comdx12csrIntegerRecommendedComposite ADIS Diagnosis 12 CSR1::8
Data Structure

This page displays the data structure defined for the measure identified in the title and structure short name. The table below displays a list of data elements in this structure (also called variables) and the following information:

  • Element Name: This is the standard element name
  • Data Type: Which type of data this element is, e.g. String, Float, File location.
  • Size: If applicable, the character limit of this element
  • Required: This column displays whether the element is Required for valid submissions, Recommended for valid submissions, Conditional on other elements, or Optional
  • Description: A basic description
  • Value Range: Which values can appear validly in this element (case sensitive for strings)
  • Notes: Expanded description or notes on coding of values
  • Aliases: A list of currently supported Aliases (alternate element names)
  • For valid elements with shared data, on the far left is a Filter button you can use to view a summary of shared data for that element and apply a query filter to your Cart based on selected value ranges

At the top of this page you can also:

  • Use the search bar to filter the elements displayed. This will not filter on the Size of Required columns
  • Download a copy of this definition in CSV format
  • Download a blank CSV submission template prepopulated with the correct structure header rows ready to fill with subject records and upload

Please email the The NDA Help Desk with any questions.

Distribution for DataStructure: adis_v01 and Element:
Chart Help

Filters enable researchers to view the data shared in NDA before applying for access or for selecting specific data for download or NDA Study assignment. For those with access to NDA shared data, you may select specific values to be included by selecting an individual bar chart item or by selecting a range of values (e.g. interview_age) using the "Add Range" button. Note that not all elements have appropriately distinct values like comments and subjectkey and are not available for filtering. Additionally, item level detail is not always provided by the research community as indicated by the number of null values given.

Filters for multiple data elements within a structure are supported. Selections across multiple data structures will be supported in a future version of NDA.