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The Filter Cart provides a way to query and access data for which you may be interested.  There are multiple places to go query and Add to Filter Cart (Sometimes called Download).  

A few points related to the filter cart are important to understand with the NDA Query/Filter implementation: 

First, the filter cart is populated asyncronously.  So, when you add subjects, sometimes it may take a few minutes to populate.  You can continue to do other things during this time. 

When you are adding your first filter, all data associated with your query will be added to the filter cart (whether it be a collection, a concept, a study, a data structure/elment or subjects). Not all data available for the subjects selected will necessarily be displayed.  For example, if you select the NDA imaging structure image03, and further restrict that query to scan_type fMRI, only fMRI images will appear and only the image03 structure will be available.  However, if you want to see all of the clinical and phenotype, then select, "Find All Subject Data" to see all the data avaialble for those subjects.  

when a secord or third filter is applied, an AND condition is used to determine the subjects that are exist in all filters.  If the subject does not appear in any filter, that subjects data will be excluded from your filter cart. Given the sparcity of data in the NDA, it is possible for no subjects to appear across filters.  If that happens, clear your filter cart, and start over.  

The NDA is looking to enhance query/filtering.  Until additional tools become available, it is best to package more data than you need and then package and download the data and use other tools to further restrict and analyze the data.  If you have any questions on data access, are interested in using avaialble web services or need help accessing data, please contact us for assistance.  

Frequently Asked Questions



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NDAR provides a single access to de-identified autism research data. For permission to download data, you will need an NDAR account with approved access to NDAR or a connected repository (AGRE, IAN, or the ATP). For NDAR access, you need to be a research investigator sponsored by an NIH recognized institution with federal wide assurance. See Request Access for more information.

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The filters you have selected from various query interfaces will be stored here, in the 'Filter Cart'. The database will be queried using filters added to your 'Filter Cart', when multiple filters are defined, each will be executed using 'AND' logic, so with each filter that is applied the result set gets smaller.

From the 'Filter Cart' you can inspect each of the filters that have been defined, and you also have the option to remove filters. The 'Filter Cart' itself will display the number of filters applied along with the number of subjects that are identified by the combination of those filters. For example a GUID filter with two subjects, followed by a GUID filter for just one of those subjects would return only data for the subject that is in both GUID filters.

If you have a question about the filter cart, or underlying filters please contact the help desk at The NDA Help Desk

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Medical Demographics

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Element NameData TypeSizeRequiredDescriptionValue RangeNotesAliases
subjectkeyGUIDRequiredThe NDAR Global Unique Identifier (GUID) for research subjectNDAR*guid
src_subject_idString20RequiredSubject ID how it's defined in lab/projectsample_id_original
interview_dateDateRequiredDate on which the interview/genetic test/sampling/imaging/biospecimen was completed. MM/DD/YYYYRequired fieldvisit_survey_date
interview_ageIntegerRequiredAge in months at the time of the interview/test/sampling/imaging.0 :: 1260Age is rounded to chronological month. If the research participant is 15-days-old at time of interview, the appropriate value would be 0 months. If the participant is 16-days-old, the value would be 1 month.
genderString20RequiredSex of the subjectM;FM = Male; F = Female
strdataptString10RecommendedWhich datapoint is this test to be counted as?Pre;Post;Post-Post
child_residenceString55RecommendedChild lives with1. Both biological mother and father;2. Biological mother only;3. Biological father only;4. Biological mother and stepfather;5. Biological father and stepmother;6. Adoptive parents;7. Foster parents;8. Relatives;9. Other please specify; 10. Refused; Both natural parents; Natural father only; Natural father and stepmother; Natural mother only; Natural mother and stepfather; Adoptive or foster parents; Relatives - please specify; Institution - please specifystrFamilyBackground
liveswithotherString50RecommendedChild lives with other, specifystrLivesWithOther
strrelchild1String50RecommendedRelationship to the child of other person living in the home
strrelchild2String50RecommendedRelationship to the child of other person living in the home
strrelchild3String50RecommendedRelationship to the child of other person living in the home
strrelchild4String50RecommendedRelationship to the child of other person living in the home
strrelchild5String50RecommendedRelationship to the child of other person living in the home
strrelchild6String50RecommendedRelationship to the child of other person living in the home
bio_mother_occupationString100RecommendedBiological Mother Occupationmother_job, strMomOccupation
mother_eduString55RecommendedMother's EducationNo formal schooling completed; Nursery school to 4th grade; 5th or 6th grade; 7th or 8th grade; 9th grade; 10th grade;11th grade; 12th grade, no diploma; High School Graduate/GED or equivalent; Some college credit, but less than 1 year; Technical college/vocational school; Associate degree; Bachelors's degree; Master's degree; Professional degree; Doctorate degree;Refused; Some elementary; Elementary; Some Middle School; Middle School; Some High School; GED; High School; Trade School/Certification Program; Some College; Undergraduate Degree; Some Graduate School; Less than 7th grade; Junior High; Some High School; High School Graduate; Some College; Special Training After High School; College Graduate; Graduate/Professional Training; Some Grade SchoolstrMomEducationLevel
bio_father_occupationString100RecommendedBiological Father Occupationfather_job, strFatherOccupation
father_eduString55RecommendedFather's EducationNo formal schooling completed; Nursery school to 4th grade; 5th or 6th grade; 7th or 8th grade; 9th grade; 10th grade;11th grade; 12th grade, no diploma; High School Graduate/GED or equivalent; Some college credit, but less than 1 year; Technical college/vocational school; Associate degree; Bachelors's degree; Master's degree; Professional degree; Doctorate degree;Refused; Some elementary; Elementary; Some Middle School; Middle School; Some High School; GED; High School; Trade School/Certification Program; Some College; Undergraduate Degree; Some Graduate School;Less than 7th grade; Junior High; Some High School; High School Graduate; Some College; Special Training After High School; College Graduate; Graduate/Professional Training;Some Grade SchoolstrFatherEducationLevel
ques_age1IntegerRecommendedAge -Sibling 1(in months)0 :: 1200strAgeChild1
ques_gender1String50RecommendedGender -Sibling 1
M = Male; F = Female; T =TransgenderstrSexChild1
ques_gradal1String50RecommendedLast grade completed -Sibling 1strGradeLvlChild1
strdiagconcernschild1String50RecommendedFirst sibling diagnoses or Concerns
ques_age2IntegerRecommendedAge -Sibling 2(in months)0 :: 1200strAgeChild2
ques_gender2String50RecommendedGender -Sibling 2
M = Male; F = FemalestrSexChild2
ques_gradal2String50RecommendedLast grade completed -Sibling 2strGradeLvlChild2
strdiagconcernschild2String50RecommendedSecond sibling diagnoses or Concerns
ques_age3IntegerRecommendedAge -Sibling 3(in months)0 :: 1200strAgeChild3
ques_gender3String50RecommendedGender -Sibling 3
M = Male; F = FemalestrSexChild3
ques_gradal3String50RecommendedLast grade completed -Sibling 3strGradeLvlChild3
strdiagconcernschild3String50RecommendedThird sibling diagnoses or Concerns
ques_age4IntegerRecommendedAge -Sibling 4(in months)0 :: 1200strAgeChild4
ques_gender4String50RecommendedGender -Sibling 4
M = Male; F = FemalestrSexChild4
ques_gradal4String50RecommendedLast grade completed -Sibling 4strGradeLvlChild4
strdiagconcernschild4String50RecommendedFourth sibling diagnoses or Concerns
ques_age5IntegerRecommendedAge -Sibling 5(in months)0 :: 1200strAgeChild5
ques_gender5String50RecommendedGender -Sibling 5
M = Male; F = FemalestrSexChild5
ques_gradal5String50RecommendedLast grade completed -Sibling 5strGradeLvlChild5
strdiagconcernschild5String50RecommendedFifth sibling diagnoses or Concerns
ques_age6IntegerRecommendedAge -Sibling 6(in months)0 :: 1200strAgeChild6
ques_gender6String50RecommendedGender -Sibling 6
M = Male; F = FemalestrSexChild6
ques_gradal6String50RecommendedLast grade completed -Sibling 6strGradeLvlChild6
strdiagconcernschild6String50RecommendedSixth sibling diagnoses or Concerns
strconautString5RequiredDoes the child have Autism, PDD, Asperger's?
Yes; No;999
strotherfamdiagString255RecommendedAny other Family members diagnosed on EITHER side? Please specify
treatment_nameString200Recommendedtreatment namestrTxReceivedAut
child_seizureString50RequiredHas she/he ever been to a doctor for any of these things…Epilepsy or Seizures /Epilepsia o convulsiones
Now I'd like to ask you about your child's use of health services during the past year and throughout his/her whole life.medhx_3, strConSeizures
strseizuresinfancyString5RequiredSeizures, convulsions, epilepsy: Infancy only?Yes; No;999
rev_headfebseizString50RecommendedFebrile Seizures
Yes; No; NK; NS
NK= Not known; NS = Not surestrSeizuresFebrile
strseizurestreatString5RecommendedSeizures, convulsions, epilepsy: Treated and resolved?Yes; No
strseizuresongoingString5RequiredSeizures, convulsions, epilepsy: Ongoing issue?Yes; No;999
strtxreceivedseizuresString255RecommendedWhat treatment was/is received?
child_cerpalsyString50RequiredDoes (did) the Child have Cerebral Palsy?
Yes; No; NK; NS
NK= Not known; NS = Not surestrConCPalsy
strcpalsyadditionalString50RecommendedAdditional Information
strtxreceivedcpalsyString255RecommendedWhat treatment was/is received?
child_cancerString50RecommendedDoes the Child have Cancer?
medhx_14, strConCancer
child_cancer_cmtString255RecommendedSpecify Child's Cancer typemedhx_14_txt, strCancerAdditional
strtxreceivedcancerString255RecommendedWhat treatment was/is received?
strconmuscularweakString5RecommendedDoes the child have Muscular Weakness?
Yes; No
strmuscularweakadditionalString50RecommendedAdditional Information
strtxreceivedmuscularweakString255RecommendedWhat treatment was/is received?
strconmotordelayString5RecommendedDoes the child have motor delays or slow motor development?
Yes; No
strmotordelayadditionalString50RecommendedAdditional Information
strtxreceivedmotordelayString255RecommendedWhat treatment was/is received?
chi_defIntegerRecommendedplease indicate if your child has any deformity
0; 1
0 = No; 1 = YesstrConDeformities
strdeformitiesadditionalString50RecommendedAdditional Information
strtxreceiveddeformitiesString255RecommendedWhat treatment was/is received?
rev_eyeimpairString50RecommendedVisual impairments
NK = Not knownstrConSevVisImp
strsevvisimpadditionalString10RecommendedAdditional InformationBorn with;Acquired
strtxreceivedsevvisimpString255RecommendedWhat treatment was/is received?
hear_lossString10RequiredDeafness or significant hearing loss
NK = Not knownstrConHearLoss
strhearlossadditionalString10RecommendedAdditional InformationBorn with;Acquired
strtxreceivedhearlossString255RecommendedWhat treatment was/is received?
child_speechdelayString50RecommendedDoes (did) the Child have a Speech/Language Delay?
Yes; No; NK; NS
NK= Not known; NS = Not surestrConSpeechProb
strspeechprobadditionalString50RecommendedAdditional Information
strtxreceivedspeechprobString255RecommendedWhat treatment was/is received?
strconsigcogdelayString5RecommendedDoes the child have significant cognitive delays?
Yes; No
strsigcogdelayadditionalString50RecommendedAdditional Information
strtxreceivedsigcogdelayString255RecommendedWhat treatment was/is received?
strconbraindamageString5RecommendedDoes the child have brain damage?
Yes; No
strbraindamageadditionalString10RecommendedAdditional InformationBorn with;Acquired
strtxreceivedbraindamageString255RecommendedWhat treatment was/is received?
ques_devdelayaString50RecommendedHad or has a developmental delay -Child with Autism/Study Participant
NA = Not answeredstrConDevDelay
strdevdelayadditionalString50RecommendedAdditional Information
strtxreceiveddevdelayString255RecommendedWhat treatment was/is received?
child_learndisString50RequiredDoes (did) the Child have a Learning Disability?
Yes; No; NK; NS
NK= Not known; NS = Not surestrConLearnDis
strlearndisadditionalString50RecommendedAdditional Information
strtxreceivedlearndisString255RecommendedWhat treatment was/is received?
condition_emotionString5RecommendedEmotional Disturbance or Serious Behavioral Difficulities
Yes; No
stremobehaprobadditionalString50RecommendedAdditional Information
strtxreceivedemobehaprobString255RecommendedWhat treatment was/is received?
attentiondisorderIntegerRecommendedDoes (did) the subject have Attention Deficit Disorder +/- Hyperactivity?
0 = No/False; 1 = Yes/True; 2 = UnknownstrConADD
straddadditionalString50RecommendedAdditional Information
strtxreceivedaddString255RecommendedWhat treatment was/is received?
child_otherpsychdisString50RecommendedDoes (did) the Child have a Psychiatric Disorder?
child_otherpsychdis_cmtString255RecommendedSpecify Child's Psychiatric DisorderstrPsycDisAdditional
strtxreceivedpsycdisString255RecommendedWhat treatment was/is received?
touretString10RequiredTourette Syndrome
Yes; No; NK; NS
NK= Not known; NS = Not surestrConTourette
strtouretteadditionalString50RecommendedAdditional Information
strtxreceivedtouretteString255RecommendedWhat treatment was/is received?
strconneurofibString5RequiredDoes the child have Neurofibromatosis?
strneurofibadditionalString50RecommendedAdditional Information
strtxreceivedneurofibString255RecommendedWhat treatment was/is received?
child_tubersclString50RequiredDoes (did) the Child have Tuberous Sclerosis?
Yes; No; NK; NS
NK= Not known; NS = Not suremedhx_4, strConTScler
strtscleradditionalString50RecommendedAdditional Informationmedhx_4_txt
strtxreceivedtsclerString255RecommendedWhat treatment was/is received?
cfmh_chd_fragilexIntegerRequiredDoes (did) the Child have Fragile X?
0 = No; 1 = YesstrConFragX
strfragxadditionalString50RecommendedAdditional Information
strtxreceivedfragxString255RecommendedWhat treatment was/is received?
NK = Not knownmedhx_11, strConDiabetes
rev_endodiabetestypeString50RequiredDiabetes: TypeI;II;999medhx_11_txt, strDiabetesAdditional
strtxreceiveddiabetesString255RecommendedWhat treatment was/is received?
strconimmuneprobString5RecommendedDoes the child have immune system problems?
Yes; No
strimmuneprobadditionalString50RecommendedAdditional Information
strtxreceivedimmuneprobString255RecommendedWhat treatment was/is received?
child_thyroiddisString50RequiredDoes the Child have Thyroid Disease?
strthyroidadditionalString50RecommendedAdditional Information
strtxreceivedthyroidString255RecommendedWhat treatment was/is received?
strconkidneyString5RecommendedDoes the child/patient have kidney disease?
Yes; No
strkidneyadditionalString50RecommendedAdditional Information
strtxreceivedkidneyString255RecommendedWhat treatment was/is received?
strconheartdisString5RequiredDoes the child/patient have heart disease?
Yes; No;999;Ref
Ref=refused; 999=NA/NK/missingmedhx_12
strheartdisadditionalString50RecommendedAdditional Information - specifymedhx_12_txt
strtxreceivedheartdisString255RecommendedWhat treatment was/is received?
strconallergiesString5RecommendedDoes the subject have allergies?
Yes; No
strallergiesadditionalString50RecommendedAdditional Information - specify
strtxreceivedallergiesString255RecommendedWhat treatment was/is received?
strconotherString5RecommendedOther condition?
Yes; No
strotheradditionalString50RecommendedAdditional Information - specifymedhx_20_txt
strtxreceivedotherString255RecommendedWhat treatment was/is received?
info_gestString50RecommendedNo. Weeks Gestation (G.A.)intGestAge
strnicuString3RecommendedDid the child spend any time in the NICU?Yes; No; NANA=Not Applicable
strnicureasondurString255RecommendedIf yes, please specify the reason for and the duration of the NICU stay.
hospitalizationsString200Recommendedhas the subject had any hospitalisationsmedhx_19, strHospital
dtmstarthosp1DateRecommendedDate 1st hospitalization begandate_nphosp1, date_phosp1
dtmendhosp1DateRecommendedDate 1st hospitalization ended
strdurhosp1String255RecommendedIf dates not given, duration of 1st hospitalization
strreasonhosp1String50RecommendedReason for 1st hospitalization.medhx_19_txt
stroutcomehosp1String50RecommendedOutcome of 1st hospitalization.
dtmstarthosp2DateRecommendedDate 2nd hospitalization begandate_nphosp2, date_phosp2
dtmendhosp2DateRecommendedDate 2nd hospitalization ended
strdurhosp2String255RecommendedIf dates not given, duration of 2nd hospitalization
strreasonhosp2String50RecommendedReason for 2nd hospitalization.
stroutcomehosp2String50RecommendedOutcome of 2nd hospitalization.
dtmstarthosp3DateRecommendedDate 3rd hospitalization begandate_nphosp3, date_phosp3
dtmendhosp3DateRecommendedDate 3rd hospitalization ended
strdurhosp3String255RecommendedIf dates not given, duration of 3rd hospitalization
strreasonhosp3String50RecommendedReason for 3rd hospitalization.
stroutcomehosp3String50RecommendedOutcome of 3rd hospitalization.
dtmstarthosp4DateRecommendedDate 4th hospitalization begandate_nphosp4, date_phosp4
dtmendhosp4DateRecommendedDate 4th hospitalization ended
strdurhosp4String255RecommendedIf dates not given, duration of 4th hospitalization
strreasonhosp4String50RecommendedReason for 4th hospitalization.
stroutcomehosp4String50RecommendedOutcome of 4th hospitalization.
strillness1DateRecommendedDate of 1st illnessdtmIllness1
strage1String50RecommendedChild's age at 1st illnessintAge1
strtx1String250RecommendedTreatment received
strillness2DateRecommendedDate of 2nd illnessdtmIllness2
strage2String50RecommendedChild's age at 2nd illnessintAge2
strtx2String50RecommendedTreatment received
strillness3DateRecommendedDate of 3rd illnessdtmIllness3
strage3String50RecommendedChild's age at 3rd illnessintAge3
strtx3String50RecommendedTreatment received
strillness4DateRecommendedDate of 4th illnessdtmIllness4
strage4String50RecommendedChild's age at 4th illnessintAge4
strtx4String50RecommendedTreatment received
medication1_nameString100RecommendedName first medication that the participant has taken0 = No medication; 999= Legitimately skippednonpsych_medname1, psych_medname1, strMed1
strmedstart1DateRecommendedWhat was the start date?dtmMedStart1
strmedend1DateRecommendedWhat was the end date?dtmMedEnd1
strreason1String50RecommendedReason for prescription 1nonpsych_purpose1, psych_purpose1
strwork1String50RecommendedDid it work?
medication2_nameString200RecommendedName second medication that the participant has taken0 = No medication; 999= Legitimately skippedstrMed2
strmedstart2DateRecommendedWhat was the start date?dtmMedStart2
strmedend2DateRecommendedWhat was the end date?dtmMedEnd2
strreason2String50RecommendedReason for prescription 2
strwork2String50RecommendedDid it work?
medication3_nameString150RecommendedName third medication that the participant has taken0 = No medication; 999= Legitimately skippednonpsych_medname3, psych_medname3, strMed3
strmedstart3DateRecommendedWhat was the start date?dtmMedStart3
strmedend3DateRecommendedWhat was the end date?dtmMedEnd3
strreason3String50RecommendedReason for prescription 3nonpsych_purpose3, psych_purpose3
strwork3String50RecommendedDid it work?
medication4_nameString100RecommendedName fourth medication that the participant has taken0 = No medication; 999= Legitimately skippednonpsych_medname4, psych_medname4, strMed4
strmedstart4DateRecommendedWhat was the start date?dtmMedStart4
strmedend4DateRecommendedWhat was the end date?dtmMedEnd4
strreason4String255RecommendedReason for prescription 4nonpsych_purpose4, psych_purpose4
strwork4String50RecommendedDid it work?
medication5_nameString100RecommendedName fifth medication that the participant has taken0 = No medication; 999= Legitimately skippednonpsych_medname5, psych_medname5, strMed5
strmedstart5DateRecommendedWhat was the start date?dtmMedStart5
strmedend5DateRecommendedWhat was the end date?dtmMedEnd5
strreason5String255RecommendedReason for prescription 5nonpsych_purpose5, psych_purpose5
strwork5String50RecommendedDid it work?
medication6_nameString100RecommendedName sixth medication that the participant has taken0 = No medication; 999= Legitimately skippednonpsych_medname6, psych_medname6, strMed6
strmedstart6DateRecommendedWhat was the start date?
strmedend6DateRecommendedWhat was the end date?
strreason6String50RecommendedReason for prescription 6nonpsych_purpose6, psych_purpose6
strwork6String50RecommendedDid it work?
medication7_nameString100RecommendedName seventh medication that the participant has taken0 = No medication; 999= Legitimately skippednonpsych_medname7, psych_medname7, strMed7
strmedstart7DateRecommendedWhat was the start date?
strmedend7DateRecommendedWhat was the end date?
strreason7String50RecommendedReason for prescription 7nonpsych_purpose7, psych_purpose7
strwork7String50RecommendedDid it work?
medication8_nameString100RecommendedName eighth medication that the participant has taken0 = No medication; 999= Legitimately skippednonpsych_medname8, psych_medname8, strMed8
strmedstart8DateRecommendedWhat was the start date?
strmedend8DateRecommendedWhat was the end date?
strreason8String50RecommendedReason for prescription 8nonpsych_purpose8, psych_purpose8
strwork8String50RecommendedDid it work?
strviolenceString3RecommendedHas the child ever been exposed to violence, abuse, or neglect?Yes; No
strviolencedescString50RecommendedIf yes, please describe.
strbeginconcernString50RecommendedWhen did you first begin to have concerns about the child?
fsymcString4,000RecommendedFIRST SYMPTOMS TO AROUSE PARENTAL CONCERNstrThingsNoticed
diag_ageatdiagIntegerRecommendedAge at diagnosis(in months)
0 :: 1200
asd_detailsString200RecommendedDetails of ASD diagnosisstrDiag
strdiagchangedString3RecommendedHas this diagnosis changed since it was orginally given?Yes; NostrDiagChanged
current_diagnosisString255RecommendedPresent Classification/DiagnosisstrCurDiag
milestone_age_mo_smileIntegerRecommendedAge in which the participant accomplished the following milestone in months: smiledstrAgeSmiled
milestone_age_mo_walkaloneIntegerRecommendedAge in which the participant accomplished the following milestone in months: walked alonestrAgeWalkedAlone
stragerodetriIntegerRecommendedAge at which the child accomplished riding a tricycle.(0=not yet accomplished) in monthsstrAgeRodeTri
earlydev_bowelIntegerRecommendedAcquisition of bowel control (in months)0 :: 900;993;994;995;996;997;998;999993 = Achieved bowel control for a period of 12 months but has relapsed and now regularly soils; 994 = Never achieved continence; 995 = Still not reached, i.e., continent for period of less than 12 months; 996 = N/K but apparently normal; 997 = N/K but apparently delayed; 998 = N/A; 999 = N/K or not askedstrAgeBowelDay
stragetiedshoeIntegerRecommendedAge at which the child accomplished tying shoelaces.(0=not yet accomplished) in monthsstrAgeTiedShoe
stragealphaString50RecommendedAge at which the child accomplished saying the alphabet in order.(0=not yet accomplished)strAgeAlpha
stragesatwosupIntegerRecommendedAge at which the child accomplished sitting without support. (0=not yet accomplished) in monthsstrAgeSatWOSup
stragespoke1stIntegerRecommendedAge at which the child accomplished speaking 1st words. (0=not yet accomplished) in monthsstrAgeSpoke1st
earlydev_drydzIntegerRecommendedAcquisition of bladder control: Daytime (in months)0 :: 600;993;994;995;996;997;998;999993 = Successfully toilet trained for a period of 12 months but has relapsed and now regularly wets; 994 = Never achieved continence; 995 = Still not reached; 996 = N/K but apparently normal; 997 = N/K but apparently delayed; 998 = N/A; 999 = N/K or not askedstrAgeBladderDay
earlydev_drynzIntegerRecommendedAcquisition of bladder control: Night (in months)0 :: 600;993;994;995;996;997;998;999993 = Successfully toilet trained for a period of 12 months but has relapsed and now regularly wets; 994 = Never achieved continence; 995 = Still not reached, i.e., continent for period of less than 12 months; 996 = N/K but apparently normal; 997 = N/K but apparently delayed; 998 = N/A; 999 = N/K or not askedstrAgeBladderNight
toilet_train_nightIntegerRecommended9. Acquisition of bladder control: nighttime0 :: 120;993;994;995;996;997;998;999993 = Successfully toilet trained for a period of 12 months but has relapsed and now regularly wets; 994 = Never achieved continence; 995 = Still not reached; 996 = N/K but apparently normal; 997 = N/K but apparently delayed; 998 = N/A; 999 = N/K or not askedstrBowelNight
stragecolorsIntegerRecommendedAge at which the child accomplished naming colors. (0=not yet accomplished) in months
stragereadString50RecommendedAge at which the child accomplished beginning to read. (0=not yet accomplished) in months
milestone_age_mo_crawlIntegerRecommendedAge in which the participant accomplished the following milestone in months: crawledstrAgeCrawled
stragesentenceIntegerRecommendedAge at which the child spoke a sentence. (0=not yet accomplished) in months
stragebuttonIntegerRecommendedAge at which the child accomplished buttoning clothing. (0=not yet accomplished) in months
stragecircleIntegerRecommendedAge at which the child drew a circle. (0=not yet accomplished) in months
stragetrainwheelIntegerRecommendedAge at which the child rode a bicycle without training wheels. (0=not yet accomplished) in months
medhx_sleep_probString50RecommendedDoes subject have sleep problems?
Yes; No
strsleepagestartIntegerRecommendedAge when issues began. In months
strsleepageendIntegerRecommendedAge when issues ended. In months
medhx_sleep_prob_noteString255RecommendedNote regarding sleep problemsstrSleepDesc
streatprobString5RecommendedDoes your child have issues with eating?
Yes; No
streatagestartIntegerRecommendedAge when issues began. In months
streatageendIntegerRecommendedAge when issues ended.In months
streatdescString255RecommendedDescribe issues eating.
strtoiletprobString5RecommendedDoes your child have issues with toilet training?
Yes; No
strtoiletagestartIntegerRecommendedAge when issues began. In months
strtoiletageendIntegerRecommendedAge when issues ended.In months
strtoiletdescString255RecommendedDescribe issues toilet training.
strspec1String50RecommendedProvider Speciality
strspec2String50RecommendedProvider Speciality
strspec3String50RecommendedProvider Speciality
strspec4String50RecommendedProvider Speciality
strspec5String50RecommendedProvider Speciality
strspec6String50RecommendedProvider Speciality
strschooltype1String50RecommendedSchool Type
stryears1String50RecommendedYears Attended
strgrades1String50RecommendedWhich Grades?
strservices1String50RecommendedServices Provided
strschooltype2String50RecommendedSchool Type
stryears2String50RecommendedYears Attended
strgrades2String50RecommendedWhich Grades?
strservices2String50RecommendedServices Provided
strschooltype3String50RecommendedSchool Type
stryears3String50RecommendedYears Attended
strgrades3String50RecommendedWhich Grades?
strservices3String50RecommendedServices Provided
strschooltype4String50RecommendedSchool Type
stryears4String50RecommendedYears Attended
strgrades4String50RecommendedWhich Grades?
strservices4String50RecommendedServices Provided
strschooltype5String50RecommendedSchool Type
stryears5String50RecommendedYears Attended
strgrades5String50RecommendedWhich Grades?
strservices5String50RecommendedServices Provided
strschooltype6String50RecommendedSchool Type
stryears6String50RecommendedYears Attended
strgrades6String50RecommendedWhich Grades?
strservices6String50RecommendedServices Provided
comments_miscString4,000RecommendedMiscellaneous comments on study, interview, methodology relevant to this form datastrNotes
sample_takenString50RecommendedWas a sample taken at this interview/during this project timeYes;No
sample_descriptionString3,500RecommendedSample description: tissue type, i.e. blood, saliva, brain etc.whole blood; saliva; brain; urine; serum; plasma; CSF; IPS; Fibroblast; Neuronal Progenitor; skin biopsy; temporal cortex; lymphoblastoid cell line; unknown; semen; frontal cortex; parietal cortex; basal ganglia; Placenta; hair; occipital visual cortex; cerebellum; spleen
biorepository_nameString100RecommendedBiorepository where sample is stored
patient_id_biorepositoryString100RecommendedBiorepository Patient ID
raceString30RecommendedRace of study subject
American Indian/Alaska Native; Asian; Hawaiian or Pacific Islander; Black or African American; White; More than one race; Unknown or not reported
ethnicityString30RecommendedEthnicity of participant
Hispanic or Latino; Not Hispanic or Latino; Unknown
efamnoString25RecommendedStudy family ID as assigned by Genetic Contributions of Negative Valence Systems to Internalizing Pathways study staff
clcontactidString20RecommendedStudy family ID as assigned by Mid Atlantic Twin Registry staff
pair_numberIntegerRecommendedTwin pair birth order
relationIntegerRecommendedTwin individual birth order
version_formString100RecommendedForm used/assessment name
phenotypeString200RequiredPhenotype/diagnosis for the subjectgroup
phenotype_descriptionString4,000RequiredDescription of the phenotype for the subjectsubgroup
ethnic_groupString255RecommendedEthnic groupethnicityspec
educatFloatRecommendedNumber of years in formal education999=Unknown/Missingeducation
grade_highedString50RecommendedGrade/Highest education1 = Less than 6th grade; 2 = Some high school; 3 = High school diploma or GED; 4 = Some college, no degree; 5 = Associate's degree; 6 = Bachelor's degree; 7 = Some graduate school; 8 = Master's degree and above; 9=Some post-graduate training, no degree; 10=Completed 8th grade, no high school; 99=Information not available; 11= High schoo;l 12= College or University; 13= Graduate school; 14= Other; 15 = Less than high schoolged
demo_resp_statusIntegerRecommendedrespondent's marital status1 :: 111 = Married; 2 = Remarried; 3 = Live with partner (not married); 4 = Separated; 5 = Divorced; 6 = Single (never married); 7 = Widowed; 8=Married or Living Together;9 = Missing/Not Applicable; 10 = Other; 11=Refused to answermarital_status
d1bIntegerRecommendedNumber of times legally married including common lawtimes_married
haschildrenString3RecommendedIf participant has childrenN/No = No children, Y/Yes = Yeschildren
numchildIntegerRecommendednumber of childrenchildrennum
demo_income_otherString100RecommendedIncome source: specifyoccupation
desc_worklengthString100RecommendedWork durationyrs_employed
fammember_szString3RecommendedIf any family members are diagnosed with schizophreniaN/No = No family members with SZ, Y/Yes = Yes family member(s) with SZ
fammember_sz_specString250RecommendedFree response of which family members had schizophrenia
hastwinString3RecommendedIf participant has a twinN/No = Not a twin, Y/Yes = Yes a twintwin
R = Right; L = Left; B = Both
dtmstarthosp5DateRecommendedDate 5th hospitalization begandate_nphosp5, date_phosp5
date_phosp6DateRecommendedDate of 6th Visit to Hospital for Psychiatric reasonsMM/DD/YYYYdate_nphosp6
date_phosp7DateRecommendedDate of 7th Visit to Hospital for Psychiatric reasonsMM/DD/YYYYdate_nphosp7
date_phosp8DateRecommendedDate of 8th Visit to Hospital for Psychiatric reasonsMM/DD/YYYYdate_nphosp8
nonpsyc_hospString3RecommendedIf participant has stayed in a hospital overnight for physical complaintsN/No = No, Y/Yes = Yespsych_hospital
therapistIntegerRecommendedHave you seen a therapist in the past month?0;10= No; 1= Yes
therapistdatesreasonString250RecommendedReason for seeking a mental health professional
smokerIntegerRecommendedSmoker?0;1; 90=No; 1=Yes; 9=NK/missing
cig_smokingIntegerRecommendedHave you ever smoked part or all of a cigarette? PX030601_Cigarette_Smoking1;2;971=Yes; 2=No; 97=Don't Know/Refusedcigarettes
cigarsString3RecommendedTobacco product(s) usedY/Yes = smokes cigars, Off = does not smoke cigars
first_nicotine_3IntegerRecommendedHave you ever used smokeless tobacco like chew, dip, or snus?1 ; 2 ; 01 = Yes; 2 = No; 0 = No // You mentioned earlier that you have tried a tobacco product in the past. I want to ask some more questions about that. Remember your responses are confidential - we will not share your answers with anyone. When answering these questions, please do not include cigarettes or other tobacco products (e.g., hookah, e-cigarettes) you had as part of a religious ceremony. Please do include any other experiences you have had with cigarettes or tobacco including puffs or dips you may have had with your parents.chewtobacco
smkamtIntegerRecommendedAbout how many cigarettes smoke per daynum_cigarettes
scid_diagnosisString250RecommendedDiagnoses according to SCID-VSchizophrenia; Schizophreniform Disorder; Schizoaffective Disorder- Bipolar; Schizoaffective Disorder- Depressive; Delusional Disorder; Brief Psychotic Disorder; Attenuated Psychosis Syndrome; Bipolar I Disorder; Bipolar II Disorder; Cyclothymic Disorder; Paranoid Personality Disorder; Schizotypal Personality Disorder; Schizoid Personality Disorder
diagnosis_severityString8RecommendedIf meets criteria during the past month, indicate current severityMild; Moderate; Severeseverity
symptomsString20RecommendedIf no current symptomsIn full remission; Prior history
age_1st_sxIntegerRecommendedAge of onset of psychiatric symptoms (years)onsetage
scidmodc13fIntegerRecommendedC13f. Number of episodes or exacerbationsepisodes
course_specifierString50RecommendedIllness courseFirst episode, currently in acute episode; First episode, currently in partial remission; First episode, currently in full remission; Multiple episodes, currently in acute episode; Multiple episodes, currently in partial remission; Multiple episodes, currently in full remission; Continuous; Unspecified; With catatonia
mood_specifierString20RecommendedCurrent mood stateDepressive; Euthymic; Hypomanic; Manic; Mixed
scidv_d4IntegerRecommendedBipolar Disorder; type of current (or most recent) episode1::4 ; -7; -91 = manic; 2 = hypomanic; 3 = major depressive; 4 = unspecified; -7 = N/A; -9 = missing or not reportedbipolar_episode
bipolar_specifierString25RecommendedBipolar specifier, if diagnosed bipolarN/A; Anxious Distress; Atypical Features; Melancholic Features; Mixed Features; Mood Congruent Psychotic Features; Mood Incongruent Psychotic Features; Peripartum Onset; Rapid Cycling; Seasonal Pattern
bips_courseString25RecommendedIf diagnosed as Brief Intermittent Psychotic Syndrome using SIPS interviewN/A; Current progression; Current persistence; Current partial remission; Current full remission
apss_courseString25RecommendedIf diagnosed as Attenuated Positive Symptom Syndrome using SIPS interviewN/A; Current progression; Current persistence; Current partial remission; Current full remission
grd_courseString25RecommendedIf diagnosed as Genetic Risk and Deterioration syndrome using SIPS interviewN/A; Current progression; Current persistence; Current partial remission; Current full remission
relation1diagString255RecommendedLikely Diagnosis 1scid_diagnosis_1
relation2diagString255RecommendedLikely Diagnosis 2scid_diagnosis_2
relation3diagString255RecommendedLikely Diagnosis 3scid_diagnosis_3
relation4diagString255RecommendedLikely Diagnosis 4scid_diagnosis_4
relation5diagString255RecommendedLikely Diagnosis 5scid_diagnosis_5
ch_41_04_othString250RecommendedPlease describe the type of diagnosis they received:; -7= Skipped or not answered due to skip logic; -7= Skipped or not answered due to skip logic; -8= I don't know the answer to the question; -9= I don't want to answer the questionscid_diagnosis_6
cepispString500RecommendedCurrent diagnosis specifyscid_diagnosis_7
nonpsych_nomedIntegerRecommendedIf participant has no medications prescribed11 = No medicationspsych_nomed
cmd001IntegerRecommendedMedication number-9=Unknownnonpsych_medn1, psych_medn1
route1String50Recommendedroute 1nonpsych_route1, psych_route1
medication1_dosageString50RecommendedFirst medication dosage0 = No medication; 999 = Missingnonpsych_dosage1, psych_dosage1
medication1_unitString100RecommendedUnits of medication #1:nonpsych_units1, psych_units1
freq1IntegerRecommendedfrequency medication 110;71::73;91::9310 = Taken Daily; 71 = Q2wk, every 2 weeks; 72 = Q3wk, every 3 weeks; 73 = Q4wk, every 4 weeks; 91 = QOD, every other day; 92 = PRN, as needed; 93 = Othernonpsych_freq1, psych_freq1
nonpsych_medn2IntegerRecommendedMedication numberpsych_medn2
route2String50Recommendedroute 2nonpsych_route2, psych_route2
medication2_dosageString50RecommendedSecond medication dosage0 = No medication; 999 = Missingnonpsych_dosage2, psych_dosage2
medication2_unitString100RecommendedUnits of medication #2:nonpsych_units2, psych_units2
freq2IntegerRecommendedfrequency medication 210;71::73;91::9310 = Taken Daily; 71 = Q2wk, every 2 weeks; 72 = Q3wk, every 3 weeks; 73 = Q4wk, every 4 weeks; 91 = QOD, every other day; 92 = PRN, as needed; 93 = Othernonpsych_freq2, psych_freq2
nonpsych_medn3IntegerRecommendedMedication numberpsych_medn3
route3String50Recommendedroute 3nonpsych_route3, psych_route3
medication3_dosageString50RecommendedThird medication dosage0 = No medication; 999 = Missingnonpsych_dosage3, psych_dosage3
medication3_unitString100RecommendedUnits of medication #3:nonpsych_units3, psych_units3
freq3IntegerRecommendedfrequency medication 310;71::73;91::9310 = Taken Daily; 71 = Q2wk, every 2 weeks; 72 = Q3wk, every 3 weeks; 73 = Q4wk, every 4 weeks; 91 = QOD, every other day; 92 = PRN, as needed; 93 = Othernonpsych_freq3, psych_freq3
nonpsych_medn4IntegerRecommendedMedication numberpsych_medn4
route4String50Recommendedroute 4nonpsych_route4, psych_route4
medication4_dosageString50RecommendedFourth medication dosage0 = No medication; 999 = Missingnonpsych_dosage4, psych_dosage4
medication4_unitString100RecommendedUnits of medication #4:nonpsych_units4, psych_units4
freq4IntegerRecommendedfrequency medication 410;71::73;91::9310 = Taken Daily; 71 = Q2wk, every 2 weeks; 72 = Q3wk, every 3 weeks; 73 = Q4wk, every 4 weeks; 91 = QOD, every other day; 92 = PRN, as needed; 93 = Othernonpsych_freq4, psych_freq4
nonpsych_medn5IntegerRecommendedMedication numberpsych_medn5
route5String50Recommendedroute 5nonpsych_route5, psych_route5
medication5_dosageString50RecommendedFifth medication dosage0 = No medication; 999 = Missingnonpsych_dosage5, psych_dosage5
medication5_unitString100RecommendedUnits of medication #5:nonpsych_units5, psych_units5
freq5IntegerRecommendedfrequency medication 510;71::73;91::9310 = Taken Daily; 71 = Q2wk, every 2 weeks; 72 = Q3wk, every 3 weeks; 73 = Q4wk, every 4 weeks; 91 = QOD, every other day; 92 = PRN, as needed; 93 = Othernonpsych_freq5, psych_freq5
nonpsych_medn6IntegerRecommendedMedication numberpsych_medn6
route6String50Recommendedroute 6nonpsych_route6, psych_route6
medication6_dosageString50RecommendedSixth medication dosage0 = No medication; 999 = Missingnonpsych_dosage6, psych_dosage6
medication6_unitString100RecommendedUnits of medication #6:nonpsych_units6, psych_units6
freq6IntegerRecommendedfrequency medication 610;71::73;91::9310 = Taken Daily; 71 = Q2wk, every 2 weeks; 72 = Q3wk, every 3 weeks; 73 = Q4wk, every 4 weeks; 91 = QOD, every other day; 92 = PRN, as needed; 93 = Othernonpsych_freq6, psych_freq6
nonpsych_medn7IntegerRecommendedMedication numberpsych_medn7
route7String50Recommendedroute 7nonpsych_route7, psych_route7
medication7_dosageString50RecommendedSeventh medication dosage0 = No medication; 999 = Missingnonpsych_dosage7, psych_dosage7
rx7dosuString10RecommendedPrescription 7, dosage unitsnonpsych_units7, psych_units7
freq7IntegerRecommendedfrequency medication 710;71::73;91::9310 = Taken Daily; 71 = Q2wk, every 2 weeks; 72 = Q3wk, every 3 weeks; 73 = Q4wk, every 4 weeks; 91 = QOD, every other day; 92 = PRN, as needed; 93 = Othernonpsych_freq7, psych_freq7
nonpsych_medn8IntegerRecommendedMedication numberpsych_medn8
route8String50Recommendedroute 8nonpsych_route8, psych_route8
medication8_dosageString50RecommendedEighth medication dosage0 = No medication; 999 = Missingnonpsych_dosage8, psych_dosage8
rx8dosuString10RecommendedPrescription 8, dosage unitsnonpsych_units8, psych_units8
freq8IntegerRecommendedfrequency medication 810;71::73;91::9310 = Taken Daily; 71 = Q2wk, every 2 weeks; 72 = Q3wk, every 3 weeks; 73 = Q4wk, every 4 weeks; 91 = QOD, every other day; 92 = PRN, as needed; 93 = Othernonpsych_freq8, psych_freq8
nonpsych_medn9IntegerRecommendedMedication numberpsych_medn9
medication9_nameString100RecommendedName ninth medication that the participant has takennonpsych_medname9, psych_medname9
strreason9String255RecommendedReason for prescription 9nonpsych_purpose9, psych_purpose9
route9String50Recommendedroute 9nonpsych_route9, psych_route9
medication9_dosageString50RecommendedNinth medication dosagenonpsych_dosage9, psych_dosage9
medication9_unitString100RecommendedUnits of medication #9nonpsych_units9, psych_units9
freq9IntegerRecommendedfrequency medication 910;71::73;91::9310 = Taken Daily; 71 = Q2wk, every 2 weeks; 72 = Q3wk, every 3 weeks; 73 = Q4wk, every 4 weeks; 91 = QOD, every other day; 92 = PRN, as needed; 93 = Othernonpsych_freq9, psych_freq9
tbi1IntegerRecommendedHave you ever had a head injury or concussion?0;11=Yes; 0=Nomedhx_1a
medhistory_1a_txtString250RecommendedDescription of head injury or concussionmedhx_1a_txt
tbi4IntegerRecommendedDid you receive any kind of medical attention/treatment for a head injury?0;11=Yes; 0=Nomedhx_1b
medhistory_1b_txtString250RecommendedDescription of treatment for head injurymedhx_1b_txt
tbi2IntegerRecommendedDid you ever get knocked out or lose consciousness as a result of a head injury?0;11=Yes; 0=Nomedhx_1c
medhistory_1c_txtString250RecommendedDescription of consciousness loss as a result of head injurymedhx_1c_txt
medhistory_1dIntegerRecommendedIf so, for how long (knocked out or lose consciousness as a result of a head injury)?medhx_1d
medhistory_1eIntegerRecommendedDid you experience any headaches or other side effects?0;1;90 = No; 1 = Yes; 9 = Not evaluatedmedhx_1e
medhistory_1e_txtString250RecommendedDescription of headache or other side effectsmedhx_1e_txt
medhistory_1fIntegerRecommendedIf so, for how long (experience any headaches or other side effects)?medhx_1f
medhistory_1gIntegerRecommendedHow much work or school did you miss?medhx_1g
seizuresIntegerRecommendedDoes (did) the subject have Seizures?0;1;2;9990 = No; 1 = Yes; 2 = Unknown; 999 =NA/missingmedhx_2
medhistory_2_txtString250RecommendedDescription of fits or seizuresmedhx_2_txt
medhistory_3_txtString250RecommendedDescription of seizure disorder/ epilepsymedhx_3_txt
mh_parkIntegerRecommendedParkinson's disease0; 10=No; 1=Yesmedhx_5
medhistory_5_txtString250RecommendedDescription of Parkinson's diseasemedhx_5_txt
exalzIntegerRecommendedCurrent diagnosis of dementia Alzheimer0;10=No;1=Yesmedhx_6
medhistory_6_txtString250RecommendedDescription of Alzheimer's diseasemedhx_6_txt
baseline_k_006IntegerRecommendedStroke0;1; -888; -9990=No; 1=Yes; -888=Not Applicable; -999=Missing;medhx_7
medhistory_7_txtString250RecommendedDescription of strokemedhx_7_txt
medhistory_8IntegerRecommendedBrain tumor0;1;90 = No; 1 = Yes; 9 = Not evaluatedmedhx_8
medhistory_8_txtString250RecommendedDescription of brain tumormedhx_8_txt
aaq_5eIntegerRecommendedDizziness0;10=No; 1=Yesmedhx_9
medhistory_9_txtString250RecommendedDescription of dizzinessmedhx_9_txt
medhistory_10IntegerRecommendedHigh blood sugar0;1;90 = No; 1 = Yes; 9 = Not evaluatedmedhx_10
medhistory_10_txtString250RecommendedDescription of high blood sugarmedhx_10_txt
quesmoth_probhighbpString50RecommendedHypertension (High blood pressure)Yes;No;Don't Knowmedhistory_13, medhx_13
sshbpr00_specString20RecommendedHigh blood pressure commentsmedhistory_13_txt, medhx_13_txt
Yes; No; NK; NS
NK= Not known; NS = Not suremedhx_15
medhistory_15_txtString250RecommendedDescription of meningitismedhx_15_txt
Yes; No; NK; NS
NK= Not known; NS = Not suremedhx_16
medhistory_16_txtString250RecommendedDescription of encephalitismedhx_16_txt
midihist_026IntegerRecommendedInfectious Disease1;2;9;-9991=No History; 2=Yes; 9=Not evaluated; -999= Don't know/Missing Datamedhx_17
medhistory_17_txtString250RecommendedDescription of infectious diseasemedhx_17_txt
medhistory_18IntegerRecommendedBeen diagnosed with sleep apnea?0;1;90 = No; 1 = Yes; 9 = Not evaluatedmedhx_18
medhistory_18_txtString250RecommendedDescription of sleep apneamedhx_18_txt
medhistory_20aIntegerRecommendedHave you ever participated in a Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) study?0;1;90 = No; 1 = Yes; 9 = Not evaluatedmedhx_20a
medhistory_20a_txtString250RecommendedDescription of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation studymedhx_20a_txt
medhistory_20bIntegerRecommendedIf yes, how long ago (been in a TranscranialMagnetic Stimulation (TMS) study)?medhx_20b
medhistory_21aIntegerRecommended(Control participants only) Do you currently have a condition or have ever had a condition that required treatment with antidepressant, anti-anxiety, or antipsychotic medications?0;1;90 = No; 1 = Yes; 9 = Not evaluatedmedhx_21a
medhistory_21a_txtString250RecommendedDescription of condition that required antidepressant, anti-anxiety, or antipsychotic medicationsmedhx_21a_txt
medication_nameString255RecommendedName of medicationmedhistory_21b, medhx_21b
medhistory_21b_txtString250RecommendedDescription of antidepressant, anti-anxiety, or antipsychotic medicationsmedhx_21b_txt
medhistory_21cIntegerRecommendedAre you currently taking the medication?0;1;90 = No; 1 = Yes; 9 = Not evaluatedmedhx_21c
medhistory_21dString250RecommendedWhen did you most recently take the medication?medhx_21d
scidv_pdepreIntegerRecommendedHas there ever been another time when you were feeling depressed or down most of the day nearly every day?0;11 = Yes; 0 = Nomedhx_21e
medhistory_21e_txtString250RecommendedDescription of time when you were feeling depressed or down most of the day nearly every daymedhx_21e_txt
medhistory_21fIntegerRecommendedIf Yes, did it last as long as 2 wks (feeling depressed or down most of the day nearly every day)?0;1;90 = No; 1 = Yes; 9 = Not evaluatedmedhx_21f
medhistory_21gIntegerRecommendedWhat about losing interest or pleasure in things you usually enjoyed?0;1;90 = No; 1 = Yes; 9 = Not evaluatedmedhx_21g
medhistory_21g_txtString250RecommendedDescription of lost interest or pleasure in things you usually enjoyedmedhx_21g_txt
medhistory_21hIntegerRecommendedIf Yes, did it last as long as 2 wks (losing interest or pleasure in things you usually enjoyed)?0;1;90 = No; 1 = Yes; 9 = Not evaluatedmedhx_21h
medhistory_22IntegerRecommendedWhen you were in school, were you in special education classes?0;1;90 = No; 1 = Yes; 9 = Not evaluatedmedhx_22
medhistory_23IntegerRecommendedDo you have a learning disability or dyslexia?0;1;90 = No; 1 = Yes; 9 = Not evaluatedmedhx_23
medhistory_23_txtString250RecommendedDescription of learning disability or dyslexiamedhx_23_txt
cast39_adhdIntegerRecommendedHas s/he ever been diagnosed with hyperactivity/attention deficit disorder (ADHD)?0; 1;9990 = No; 1 = Yesmedhx_24
medhistory_24_txtString250RecommendedDescription of hyperactivity/ attention deficit disordermedhx_24_txt
clrblindIntegerRecommendedIs the participant colorblind0;1 0=No; 1=Yesmedhistory_25, medhx_25
medhistory_25_txtString250RecommendedDescription of colorblindnessmedhx_25_txt
medhistory_26aIntegerRecommendedDo you need glasses or contacts to see the computer screen?0;1;90 = No; 1 = Yes; 9 = Not evaluatedmedhx_26a
medhistory_26a_txtString250RecommendedDescription visual impairmentmedhx_26a_txt
medhistory_26bIntegerRecommendedDo you have glasses or contacts with you0;1;90 = No; 1 = Yes; 9 = Not evaluatedmedhx_26b
medhistory_26b_txtString250RecommendedDescription of glasses or contactsmedhx_26b_txt
eyelFloatRecommendedVisual acuity left eye 20/_medhx_26c
eyerFloatRecommendedVisual acuity right eye 20/_medhx_26d
mri_metfrIntegerRecommendedPresence of: Any metallic fragment or foreign body0;10=No; 1=Yesmedhx_27
medhistory_27_txtString250RecommendedDescription of metallic object in bodymedhx_27_txt
q21_8aIntegerRecommendedDrink alcohol0; 1; -7; -8; -9; 999Field should not be left blank. If missing, please use -7, 8, -9.medhx_28a
combod1IntegerRecommendedDuring the past 30 days; how many days per week or per month did you have at least one drink of any alcoholic beverage?1::30medhx_28b
yrbs16_totalIntegerRecommendedHow many total times have you had a drink of alcohol?medhx_28c
medhistory_28dString20RecommendedWhat type of alcohol did you drink?medhx_28d
medhistory_28eIntegerRecommendedIs this typical of your usual pattern of alcohol use in the past 6 months?0;1;90 = No; 1 = Yes; 9 = Not evaluatedmedhx_28e
medhistory_29aIntegerRecommendedSometimes people take medicines like amphetamines, barbiturates, psychedelics, methadone, heroin, codeine, cocaine, marijuana, or other drugs just to see how they work or enjoy the feeling. Have you used any of these in the past 6 months?0;1;90 = No; 1 = Yes; 9 = Not evaluatedmedhx_29a
medhistory_29bString250RecommendedIf yes, which have you tried (drugs)?medhx_29b
medhistory_29cString20RecommendedWhen was the last time you used one of these drugs?medhx_29c
medhistory_29dIntegerRecommendedHow many times per month do you use one of these drugs?medhx_29d
medhistory_29eIntegerRecommendedIs this typical of your usual pattern of drug use in the past 6 months?0;1;90 = No; 1 = Yes; 9 = Not evaluatedmedhx_29e
Data Structure

This page displays the data structure defined for the measure identified in the title and structure short name. The table below displays a list of data elements in this structure (also called variables) and the following information:

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  • Data Type: Which type of data this element is, e.g. String, Float, File location.
  • Size: If applicable, the character limit of this element
  • Required: This column displays whether the element is Required for valid submissions, Recommended for valid submissions, Conditional on other elements, or Optional
  • Description: A basic description
  • Value Range: Which values can appear validly in this element (case sensitive for strings)
  • Notes: Expanded description or notes on coding of values
  • Aliases: A list of currently supported Aliases (alternate element names)
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Filters for multiple data elements within a structure are supported. Selections across multiple data structures will be supported in a future version of NDA.