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Pattern Comparison Processing Speed



NIH Toolbox Pattern Comparison Processing Speed - Subject is scored on as many trials as they can complete in 90 seconds with a maximum of 130 trials.

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Element NameData TypeSizeRequiredDescriptionValue RangeNotesAliases
subjectkeyGUIDRequiredThe NDAR Global Unique Identifier (GUID) for research subjectNDAR*guid
src_subject_idString20RequiredSubject ID how it's defined in lab/projectasd_child_id
interview_dateDateRequiredDate on which the interview/genetic test/sampling/imaging/biospecimen was completed. MM/DD/YYYYRequired fieldnihtbx_pattern_date
interview_ageIntegerRequiredAge in months at the time of the interview/test/sampling/imaging.0 :: 1260Age is rounded to chronological month. If the research participant is 15-days-old at time of interview, the appropriate value would be 0 months. If the participant is 16-days-old, the value would be 1 month.ccc2_interview_age
genderString20RequiredSex of the subjectM;FM = Male; F = Female
comments_miscString4,000RecommendedMiscellaneous comments on study, interview, methodology relevant to this form data
nih_pinString25RecommendedPIN number assigned by the NIH Toolbox
phne_sc_2String40RecommendedWhat is your highest grade completed in school?nih_tb_education_info
ques_gradalbmString255RecommendedLast grade completed -Biological Mothernih_tb_parent_education
nih_patterncomp_1IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 10;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_2IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 20;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_3IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 30;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_4IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 40;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_5IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 50;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_6IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 60;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_7IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 70;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_8IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 80;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_9IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 90;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_10IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 100;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_11IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 110;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_12IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 120;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_13IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 130;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_14IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 140;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_15IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 150;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_16IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 160;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_17IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 170;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_18IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 180;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_19IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 190;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_20IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 200;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_21IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 210;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_22IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 220;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_23IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 230;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_24IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 240;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_25IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 250;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_26IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 260;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_27IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 270;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_28IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 280;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_29IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 290;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_30IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 300;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_31IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 310;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_32IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 320;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_33IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 330;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_34IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 340;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_35IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 350;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_36IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 360;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_37IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 370;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_38IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 380;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_39IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 390;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_40IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 400;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_41IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 410;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_42IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 420;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_43IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 430;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_44IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 440;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_45IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 450;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_46IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 460;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_47IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 470;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_48IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 480;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_49IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 490;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_50IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 500;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_51IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 510;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_52IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 520;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_53IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 530;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_54IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 540;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_55IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 550;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_56IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 560;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_57IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 570;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_58IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 580;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_59IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 590;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_60IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 600;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_61IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 610;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_62IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 620;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_63IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 630;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_64IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 640;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_65IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 650;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_66IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 660;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_67IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 670;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_68IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 680;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_69IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 690;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_70IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 700;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_71IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 710;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_72IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 720;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_73IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 730;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_74IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 740;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_75IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 750;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_76IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 760;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_77IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 770;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_78IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 780;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_79IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 790;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_80IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 800;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_81IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 810;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_82IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 820;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_83IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 830;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_84IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 840;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_85IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 850;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_86IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 860;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_87IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 870;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_88IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 880;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_89IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 890;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_90IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 900;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_91IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 910;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_92IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 920;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_93IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 930;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_94IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 940;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_95IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 950;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_96IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 960;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_97IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 970;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_98IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 980;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_99IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 990;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_100IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1000;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_101IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1010;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_102IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1020;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_103IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1030;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_104IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1040;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_105IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1050;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_106IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1060;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_107IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1070;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_108IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1080;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_109IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1090;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_110IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1100;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_111IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1110;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_112IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1120;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_113IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1130;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_114IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1140;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_115IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1150;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_116IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1160;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_117IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1170;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_118IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1180;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_119IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1190;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_120IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1200;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_121IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1210;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_122IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1220;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_123IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1230;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_124IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1240;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_125IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1250;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_126IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1260;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_127IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1270;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_128IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1280;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_129IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1290;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_130IntegerRecommendedScore on Pattern Comparison Trial 1300;1;9990=incorrect; 1=correct; 999=did not reach this trial
nih_patterncomp_rawIntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Raw Score0::130;999999=no scorenihtbx_demo_rescore_rawpatterncomp, nihtbx_pattern_rawscore, oldpatterncompscore, tbx_pspac_scr
nih_patterncomp_unadjustedFloatRecommendedUnadjusted scaled score for PatternComp subtest0::200;999999=no scorenihtbx_demo_rescore_uncorrpatterncomp, nihtbx_pattern_uncorrected
nih_patterncomp_ageadjustedFloatRecommendedAge Adjusted scaled score for PatternComp subtest0::200;999999=no scorenihtbx_demo_rescore_agecorrpatterncomp, nihtbx_pattern_agecorrected
nih_patterncomp_natpercFloatRecommendedAge Adjusted National Percentile for PatternComp subtest0::100;999999=no score
pattern_total_pg1IntegerRecommendedPattern total pg1pattern1
pattern_total_pg2IntegerRecommendedPattern total pg2patter2, pattern2
tbx_pspac_seenIntegerRecommendedNumber of items seennihtbx_pattern_itmcnt
nih_tlbx_fctscFloatRecommendedFully-Corrected T-Score0::100nihtbx_demo_rescore_fulltpatterncomp, nihtbx_pattern_fullycorrected
tbx_failed_dccsIntegerRecommendedflag for failure of subtest0;10=False; 1=True
pspacpa1IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed Practice item A10;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspacpa2IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed Practice item A20;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspacpa3IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed Practice item A30;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspacpa4IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed Practice item A40;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspacpa5IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed Practice item A50;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspacpa6IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed Practice item A60;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspacpc1IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed Practice item C10;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspacpc2IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed Practice item C20;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspacpc3IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed Practice item C30;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac002IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0020;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac003IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0030;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac004IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0040;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac005IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0050;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac006IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0060;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac007IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0070;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac008IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0080;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac010IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0100;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac013IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0130;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac014IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0140;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac015IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0150;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac016IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0160;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac017IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0170;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac018IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0180;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac019IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0190;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac020IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0200;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac021IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0210;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac022IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0220;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac023IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0230;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac024IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0240;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac027IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0270;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac028IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0280;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac029IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0290;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac030IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0300;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac031IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0310;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac032IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0320;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac034IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0340;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac036IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0360;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac037IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0370;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac038IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0380;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac039IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0390;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac041IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0410;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac043IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0430;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac044IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0440;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac045IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0450;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac046IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0460;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac047IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0470;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac050IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0500;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac051IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0510;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac052IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0520;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac053IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0530;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac055IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0550;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac056IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0560;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac058IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0580;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac059IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0590;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac060IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0600;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac061IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0610;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac062IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0620;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac063IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0630;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac064IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0640;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac065IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0650;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac066IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0660;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac068IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0680;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac070IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0700;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac071IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0710;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac072IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0720;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac073IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0730;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac075IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0750;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac076IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0760;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac077IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0770;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac079IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0790;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac082IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0820;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac083IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0830;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac085IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0850;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac086IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0860;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac087IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0870;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac088IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0880;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac089IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0890;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac090IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0900;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac091IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0910;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac092IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0920;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac093IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0930;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac094IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0940;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac095IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0950;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac096IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0960;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac097IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0970;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac098IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0980;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac099IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 0990;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac100IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1000;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac102IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1020;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac103IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1030;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac104IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1040;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac106IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1060;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac108IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1080;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac109IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1090;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac110IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1100;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac111IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1110;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac112IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1120;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac113IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1130;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac115IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1150;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac116IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1160;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac118IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1180;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac119IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1190;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac120IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1200;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac121IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1210;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac122IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1220;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac123IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1230;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac124IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1240;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac125IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1250;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac129IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1290;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac131IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1310;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac133IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1330;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac134IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1340;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac135IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1350;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac136IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1360;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac137IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1370;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac138IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1380;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac139IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1390;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac140IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1400;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac141IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1410;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac142IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1420;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac143IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1430;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac145IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1450;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac146IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1460;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac148IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1480;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac149IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1490;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac150IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1500;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac157IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1570;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac160IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1600;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac162IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1620;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac164IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1640;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac165IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1650;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac167IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1670;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac168IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1680;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac182IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 1820;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac212IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 2120;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac226IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 2260;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac237IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 2370;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac243IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 2430;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
pspac253IntegerRecommendedPattern Comparison Processing Speed item 2530;10=Incorrect; 1=Correct
prob_adminIntegerRecommendedFlagged for potentially problematic test administration11=Flaggedflag_cognition_patterncomparison
accult_select_languageIntegerRecommendedTest given in Spanish? ¿Español?0;10=No; 1=Yesnihtbx_pattern_language
visitString50RecommendedVisit nameCharacter description of each type of visiteventname
tbx_comscIntegerRecommendedComputed scorenihtbx_demo_rescore_computedpatterncomp, nihtbx_pattern_computedscore
version_formString100RecommendedForm used/assessment namenihtbx_pattern_v
Data Structure

This page displays the data structure defined for the measure identified in the title and structure short name. The table below displays a list of data elements in this structure (also called variables) and the following information:

  • Element Name: This is the standard element name
  • Data Type: Which type of data this element is, e.g. String, Float, File location.
  • Size: If applicable, the character limit of this element
  • Required: This column displays whether the element is Required for valid submissions, Recommended for valid submissions, Conditional on other elements, or Optional
  • Description: A basic description
  • Value Range: Which values can appear validly in this element (case sensitive for strings)
  • Notes: Expanded description or notes on coding of values
  • Aliases: A list of currently supported Aliases (alternate element names)
  • For valid elements with shared data, on the far left is a Filter button you can use to view a summary of shared data for that element and apply a query filter to your Cart based on selected value ranges

At the top of this page you can also:

  • Use the search bar to filter the elements displayed. This will not filter on the Size of Required columns
  • Download a copy of this definition in CSV format
  • Download a blank CSV submission template prepopulated with the correct structure header rows ready to fill with subject records and upload

Please email the The NDA Help Desk with any questions.

Distribution for DataStructure: pcps01 and Element:
Chart Help

Filters enable researchers to view the data shared in NDA before applying for access or for selecting specific data for download or NDA Study assignment. For those with access to NDA shared data, you may select specific values to be included by selecting an individual bar chart item or by selecting a range of values (e.g. interview_age) using the "Add Range" button. Note that not all elements have appropriately distinct values like comments and subjectkey and are not available for filtering. Additionally, item level detail is not always provided by the research community as indicated by the number of null values given.

Filters for multiple data elements within a structure are supported. Selections across multiple data structures will be supported in a future version of NDA.