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Created On
911Resting StatefMRI04/20/2018
910Modified Monetary Incentive Delay fMRI04/20/2018
908Resting State Pre-Stress Visit 1fMRI04/20/2018
907Montreal Imaging Stress Task Visit 1fMRI04/18/2018
9062-back Post-Stress Visit 1fMRI04/18/2018
9051-back Post-Stress Visit 1fMRI04/18/2018
9040-back Post-Stress Visit 1fMRI04/18/2018
9032-back Pre-Stress Visit 1fMRI04/18/2018
9021-back Pre-Stress Visit 1fMRI04/18/2018
9010-back Pre-Stress Visit 1fMRI04/18/2018
899Investigating a Neurobehavioral Mechanism of Paranoia - Resting State ScansfMRI04/06/2018
894Dot ProbeEye Tracking03/07/2018
893Startle Habituation and Shock Sensitivity EvaluationEEG03/03/2018
892NPU EEG Task EEG03/03/2018
891Duke ACE ETEye Tracking03/02/2018
888Emotion 1.1 Determining context effects during potential threatfMRI02/26/2018
884Plasma metabolic profileOmics02/05/2018
878Social Challenge AssessmentEye Tracking01/26/2018
876Mixed Anti and Pro (vgs) saccade mixed blocked (EyeTracking)Eye Tracking01/22/2018
875Attention modulation taskEye Tracking01/17/2018
874ruthldopa resting 17 and 18fMRI01/16/2018
873ruthldopa resting 15 and 16fMRI01/16/2018
872ruthldopa resting 13 and 14fMRI01/16/2018
871ruthldopa resting 11 and 12fMRI01/16/2018
870Resting State fMRIfMRI01/12/2018
867Velten Mood Induction State-ItemfMRI01/12/2018
866Emotional Hemifield Task (EHT)EEG01/12/2018
865Genome EditingOmics01/12/2018
855Regulating Emotional Responses to Visual Images Across the Affective Instability SpectrumfMRI01/12/2018
853R61 Ezogabine Resting State FMRIfMRI01/11/2018
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Collection Summary Collection Charts
Collection Title Collection Investigators Collection Description
Longitudinal Studies of Autism Spectrum Disorders: From 2 to 23
Cathy Lord, Ph. D 
Longitudinal Studies of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD): From 2 to 23 - Increasing Understanding of Nonverbal School-Aged Children and Children with Limited Language Skills
Funding Completed
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NIH - Extramural None

R01MH081873-01 Longitudinal Studies of Autism Spectrum Disorders: 2 to 23 09/01/2008 05/31/2013 219 175 WEILL MEDICAL COLL OF CORNELL UNIV $2,692,305.00

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IDNameCreated DateStatusType
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Shared Data

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Aberrant Behavior Checklist (ABC) - Community Clinical Assessments 56
Adapted ADOS Module 1 Clinical Assessments 45
Adapted ADOS Module 2 Clinical Assessments 6
Autism Diagnostic Interview, Revised (ADI-R) Clinical Assessments 59
Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) - Module 1 (2007) Clinical Assessments 1
Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) - Module 2 (2007) Clinical Assessments 2
Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS)- Module 3 (2007) Clinical Assessments 3
Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, 2nd Edition (ADOS-2) - Module 3 Clinical Assessments 5
Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL) 6-18 Clinical Assessments 57
DAS-II:Differential Ability Scales 2nd Ed. Early Years Clinical Assessments 45
Mullen Scales of Early Learning Clinical Assessments 42
Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, Fourth Edition-Form A Clinical Assessments 1
Pubertal Development Scale Clinical Assessments 15
Repetitive Behavior Scale - Revised (RBS-R) Clinical Assessments 55
Services Log Clinical Assessments 50
Social Communication Questionnaire (SCQ) - Lifetime Clinical Assessments 57
TEACCH Transition Assessment Profile Clinical Assessments 21
Vineland-II - Survey Form (2005) Clinical Assessments 61
Wide Range Achievement Test 4 (WRAT4) Clinical Assessments 36

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Publications relevant to NDAR data are listed below. Most displayed publications have been associated with the grant within Pubmed. Use the "+ New Publication" button to add new publications. Publications relevant/not relevant to data expected are categorized. Relevant publications are then linked to the underlying data by selecting the Create Study link. Study provides the ability to define cohorts, assign subjects, define outcome measures and lists the study type, data analysis and results. Analyzed data and results are expected in this way.

PubMed IDStudyTitleJournalAuthorsDateStatus
28949003Create StudyLongitudinal follow-up of academic achievement in children with autism from age 2 to 18.Journal of child psychology and psychiatry, and allied disciplinesKim SH, Bal VH, Lord CSeptember 2017Not Determined
28638592Create StudyEvaluating the quality of peer interactions in children and adolescents with autism with the Penn Interactive Peer Play Scale (PIPPS).Molecular autismJones RM, Pickles A, Lord CJanuary 2017Not Relevant
27871640Create StudyMultidimensional Influences on Autism Symptom Measures: Implications for Use in Etiological Research.Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent PsychiatryHavdahl KA, Hus Bal V, Huerta M, Pickles A, Øyen AS, Stoltenberg C, Lord C, Bishop SLDecember 2016Not Determined
27282463Create StudyThe autism symptom interview, school-age: A brief telephone interview to identify autism spectrum disorders in 5-to-12-year-old children.Autism research : official journal of the International Society for Autism ResearchBishop SL, Huerta M, Gotham K, Alexandra Havdahl K, Pickles A, Duncan A, Hus Bal V, Croen L, Lord CJune 2016Not Determined
27090613Create StudyUse of machine learning to improve autism screening and diagnostic instruments: effectiveness, efficiency, and multi-instrument fusion.Journal of child psychology and psychiatry, and allied disciplinesBone D, Bishop SL, Black MP, Goodwin MS, Lord C, Narayanan SSApril 19, 2016Not Determined
26908679Create StudyAutism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disability, and Delayed Walking.PediatricsBishop SL, Thurm A, Farmer C, Lord CMarch 2016Not Determined
26748412Create StudySubdimensions of social-communication impairment in autism spectrum disorder.Journal of child psychology and psychiatry, and allied disciplinesBishop SL, Havdahl KA, Huerta M, Lord CJanuary 8, 2016Not Determined
26385796Create StudyReplication and Comparison of the Newly Proposed ADOS-2, Module 4 Algorithm in ASD Without ID: A Multi-site Study.Journal of autism and developmental disordersPugliese CE, Kenworthy L, Bal VH, Wallace GL, Yerys BE, Maddox BB, White SW, Popal H, Armour AC, Miller J, Herrington JD, Schultz RT, Martin A, Anthony LGDecember 2015Not Determined
26140652Create StudyUtility of the Child Behavior Checklist as a Screener for Autism Spectrum Disorder.Autism research : official journal of the International Society for Autism ResearchHavdahl KA, Von Tetzchner S, Huerta M, Lord C, Bishop SLJanuary 2016Not Determined
25959391Create StudyDevelopmental trajectories as autism phenotypes.American journal of medical genetics. Part C, Seminars in medical geneticsLord, Catherine; Bishop, Somer; Anderson, DeborahJune 2015Not Determined
25922445Create StudyDaily living skills in individuals with autism spectrum disorder from 2 to 21 years of age.Autism : the international journal of research and practiceBal VH, Kim SH, Cheong D, Lord COctober 2015Not Determined
25901773Create StudyDepressive and anxiety symptom trajectories from school age through young adulthood in samples with autism spectrum disorder and developmental delay.Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent PsychiatryGotham, Katherine; Brunwasser, Steven M; Lord, CatherineMay 2015Not Determined
25832801Create StudyThe Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Toddler Module: Standardized Severity Scores.Journal of autism and developmental disordersEsler AN, Bal VH, Guthrie W, Wetherby A, Ellis Weismer S, Lord CSeptember 2015Not Determined
25774214Create StudyThe relationship of motor skills and adaptive behavior skills in young children with autism spectrum disorders.Research in autism spectrum disordersMacdonald M, Lord C, Ulrich DNovember 2013Not Determined
25712123Create StudyReplication of Standardized ADOS Domain Scores in the Simons Simplex Collection.Autism research : official journal of the International Society for Autism ResearchHus Bal V, Lord COctober 2015Not Determined
25243378Create StudyHow interview questions are placed in time influences caregiver description of social communication symptoms on the ADI-R.Journal of child psychology and psychiatry, and allied disciplinesJones, Rebecca M; Risi, Susan; Wexler, Diana; Anderson, Deborah; Corsello, Christina; Pickles, Andrew; Lord, CatherineMay 2015Not Relevant
25239176Create StudyMeasurement of nonverbal IQ in autism spectrum disorder: scores in young adulthood compared to early childhood.Journal of autism and developmental disordersBishop SL, Farmer C, Thurm AApril 2015Not Determined
24916450Create StudyDepression and its measurement in verbal adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorder.Autism : the international journal of research and practiceGotham, Katherine; Unruh, Kathryn; Lord, CatherineMay 2015Not Relevant
24802136Create StudyRumination and perceived impairment associated with depressive symptoms in a verbal adolescent-adult ASD sample.Autism research : official journal of the International Society for Autism ResearchGotham K, Bishop SL, Brunwasser S, Lord CJune 2014Not Determined
24762385Create StudyMotor skills and calibrated autism severity in young children with autism spectrum disorder.Adapted physical activity quarterly : APAQMacDonald M, Lord C, Ulrich DAApril 2014Not Determined
24590409Create StudyThe autism diagnostic observation schedule, module 4: revised algorithm and standardized severity scores.Journal of autism and developmental disordersHus V, Lord CAugust 2014Not Determined
24313878Create StudyPredicting young adult outcome among more and less cognitively able individuals with autism spectrum disorders.Journal of child psychology and psychiatry, and allied disciplinesAnderson DK, Liang JW, Lord CMay 2014Not Determined
23258569Create StudyExploring the relationship between anxiety and insistence on sameness in autism spectrum disorders.Autism research : official journal of the International Society for Autism ResearchGotham K, Bishop SL, Hus V, Huerta M, Lund S, Buja A, Krieger A, Lord CFebruary 2013Not Determined
23223363Create StudyAttachment in young children with autism spectrum disorders: an examination of separation and reunion behaviors with both mothers and fathers.Autism : the international journal of research and practiceGrzadzinski RL, Luyster R, Spencer AG, Lord CFebruary 2014Not Determined
23153932Create StudyDiagnosing autism in neurobiological research studies.Behavioural brain researchJones RM, Lord CAugust 15, 2013Not Determined
23143131Create StudyStandardizing ADOS domain scores: separating severity of social affect and restricted and repetitive behaviors.Journal of autism and developmental disordersHus V, Gotham K, Lord COctober 2014Not Determined
23065116Create StudySubcategories of restricted and repetitive behaviors in children with autism spectrum disorders.Journal of autism and developmental disordersBishop SL, Hus V, Duncan A, Huerta M, Gotham K, Pickles A, Kreiger A, Buja A, Lund S, Lord CJune 2013Not Determined
23032385Create StudyApplication of DSM-5 criteria for autism spectrum disorder to three samples of children with DSM-IV diagnoses of pervasive developmental disorders.The American journal of psychiatryHuerta M, Bishop SL, Duncan A, Hus V, Lord COctober 2012Not Determined
22823182Create StudyFactors influencing scores on the social responsiveness scale.Journal of child psychology and psychiatry, and allied disciplinesHus V, Bishop S, Gotham K, Huerta M, Lord CFebruary 2013Not Determined
22729382Create StudyEffects of child characteristics on the Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised: implications for use of scores as a measure of ASD severity.Journal of autism and developmental disordersHus V, Lord CFebruary 2013Not Determined
22486486Create StudyAnnual research review: re-thinking the classification of autism spectrum disorders.Journal of child psychology and psychiatry, and allied disciplinesLord C, Jones RMMay 2012Not Determined
22065253Create StudyA multisite study of the clinical diagnosis of different autism spectrum disorders.Archives of general psychiatryLord C, Petkova E, Hus V, Gan W, Lu F, Martin DM, Ousley O, Guy L, Bernier R, Gerdts J, Algermissen M, Whitaker A, Sutcliffe JS, Warren Z, Klin A, Saulnier C, Hanson E, Hundley R, Piggot J, Fombonne E, Steiman M, Miles J, Kanne SM, Goin-Kochel RP, Peters SU, et al.March 2012Not Determined
21905806Create StudyChanges in maladaptive behaviors from midchildhood to young adulthood in autism spectrum disorder.American journal on intellectual and developmental disabilitiesAnderson DK, Maye MP, Lord CSeptember 2011Not Determined
21905802Create StudyConvergent validity of the Mullen Scales of Early Learning and the differential ability scales in children with autism spectrum disorders.American journal on intellectual and developmental disabilitiesBishop SL, Guthrie W, Coffing M, Lord CSeptember 2011Not Determined
21610184Create StudyMotor skills of toddlers with autism spectrum disorders.Autism : the international journal of research and practiceLloyd M, MacDonald M, Lord CMarch 2013Not Determined
21410473Create StudyTelescoping of caregiver report on the Autism Diagnostic Interview--Revised.Journal of child psychology and psychiatry, and allied disciplinesHus V, Taylor A, Lord CJuly 2011Not Determined
21078305Create StudyIs schizophrenia on the autism spectrum?Brain researchKing BH, Lord CMarch 22, 2011Not Determined
21058793Create StudyAutism: from research to practice.The American psychologistLord CENovember 2010Not Determined
20589716Create StudyRestricted and repetitive behaviors in toddlers and preschoolers with autism spectrum disorders based on the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS).Autism research : official journal of the International Society for Autism ResearchKim SH, Lord CAugust 2010Not Determined
20559336Create StudyBehavioural phenotyping assays for mouse models of autism.Nature reviews. NeuroscienceSilverman JL, Yang M, Lord C, Crawley JNJuly 2010Not Determined
20195735Create StudyEarly language patterns of toddlers on the autism spectrum compared to toddlers with developmental delay.Journal of autism and developmental disordersEllis Weismer S, Lord C, Esler AOctober 2010Not Determined
19127655Create StudyEvidence for latent classes of IQ in young children with autism spectrum disorder.American journal of mental retardation : AJMRMunson J, Dawson G, Sterling L, Beauchaine T, Zhou A, Elizabeth K, Lord C, Rogers S, Sigman M, Estes A, Abbott RNovember 2008Not Determined
18434924Create StudyA replication of the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) revised algorithms.Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent PsychiatryGotham K, Risi S, Dawson G, Tager-Flusberg H, Joseph R, Carter A, Hepburn S, McMahon W, Rodier P, Hyman SL, Sigman M, Rogers S, Landa R, Spence MA, Osann K, Flodman P, Volkmar F, Hollander E, Buxbaum J, Pickles A, Lord CJune 2008Not Determined
18058216Create StudyReliability of the ADI-R: multiple examiners evaluate a single case.Journal of autism and developmental disordersCicchetti DV, Lord C, Koenig K, Klin A, Volkmar FRApril 2008Not Determined

Relevant Publications
PubMed IDStudyTitleJournalAuthorsDate
No records found.
Data Expected
Data ExpectedTargeted EnrollmentInitial SubmissionSubjects SharedStatus
Repetitive Behavior Scale - Revised (RBS-R) info iconApproved
Research Subject and Pedigree info iconApproved
ABC Community info iconApproved
Pubertal Development Scale (PDS) info iconApproved
Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, Fourth Edition info iconApproved
Vineland (Parent and Caregiver) info iconApproved
DAS-II: Differential Ability Scales info iconApproved
TEACCH Transition Assessment Profile, 2nd Ed. (TTAP) info iconApproved
Wide Range Achievement Test info iconApproved
Education, Treatment and Services Log info iconApproved
ADI-R info iconApproved
Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL) info iconApproved
Social Communication Questionnaire (SCQ) info iconApproved
Mullen Scales of Early Learning info iconApproved
ADOS info iconApproved
Structure not yet defined

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Study NameAbstractCollection/Study SubjectsData UsageState
No records found.